3 Hidden Benefits Of React Native As Cross-Platform App Development


Cross-platform app development is trending in developers community, it saves development time, offers a futuristic approach and many more advantage of delivering the same output. React Native is a perfect example of cross platform app development, it is most used by developers and gained popularity by its astounding features. The advantage of using React Native is code once and use it for any operating system. If a developer wants to develop an Android application and code for it, then the same code can be used in developing an iOS application. Being a leading React Native app development company USA, we have enough knowledge about cross-platform development and benefit of React Native. In this article, we are revealing the hidden benefits of React Native as cross-platform app development.

Why Facebook Invented React Native

Mark Zuckerberg once said, “The biggest mistakes we made as a company was betting too much on HTML as opposed to native.” Facebook’s team works on HTML for their application but they weren’t satisfied with their mobile User Experience and Interface so they invent React Native to redeem the best mobile experience. Facebook created React Native for development of Facebook ads manager app but lately, they convert it into an open source mobile application framework. It considers a JavaScript Library called as ReactJS, ReactJS is tended to React JavaScript library, React Native is much popular in cross-platforms based apps and there are multiple renowned apps that are based on React. React Native offers to code one time and reuse the same code in developing the application for Android, iOS, and UWP (Windows).

Difference Between ReactJs And React Native

It’s a burning question for every newbie developer that what is the difference between ReactJS and React Native? It’s always confusing because of their same names. Actually, React Native is a framework used for developing a web application, it used ReactJS for the component purpose. On the contrary, ReactJS is a JavaScript library and used in creating UI for web applications. React Native use animated API’s but ReactJS use CSS component. RN compatible with all platform and it requires some platform-specific code, on the other hand, React.js requires a one-time code to develop and it can be used everywhere in the program.

Benefits of React Native Development As Cross-Platform

1. Hot Reload

This is a very special feature of React Native. It allows the developer to refresh app instant while developing. It can boost up development time by reloading application automatically when code change. Hot reload helps in live tracking of all the recent changes made by a developer. Also, it vouches for changes on the developer side by the refreshing app automatically and fetches real-time data for users on the application. It offers updated UI content and structure content while the user makes changes in code or script.

Benefits React Native Development

Reusability of Code

2. Reusability of Code

React Native rely on a tagline “Code once and use everywhere” that means developers doesn’t need to code iOS and Android app separately, just code one time and they can reuse 90% of the code element on the other platforms. React Native also offers Pre-loaded component that helps the developer to use common elements without redeveloping them. This interesting feature reduces the development time and allows the developer to more focus on the priority task.

3. Allow Third Party Plugins

The most framework doesn’t allow third-party plugins for security issues but React Native allow developers to add third party plugins. It simply means React Native platform is flexible with customization. Add-on plugins offer easy and user-friendly user interfaces with the flexibility to customize theme and templates at any time. Facebook develop React Native for personal use but after some years FB makes it open source for public use. Mainly third-party support via API or plugins.

React Native Third Party Plugins

Why React Native Perfect For Cross-Platform App Development

React Native is apt for cross platform app development because it offers more stability to the app, caters modular architecture and above all it is a cost-effective solution with optimal performance. Unlike other cross-platform frameworks, React Native use native component from the API, that means it looks like a native app for the individual platform. Like Android, iOS or UWP. React support declarative coding style, that helps in writing clean code.

  • Offer More Stable App
  • Modular Architecture
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Optimal Performance
  • Clean & Better Coding
  • Pre-loaded Elements
  • Flexible Development

Demerits of React Native

React Native is perfect for cross-platform app development but it has some demerits. It doesn’t allow better security access as compared to the other native platform. Security access is a big drawback of using React Native, as we know it allows third-party plugins, therefore, security is not to improve in it. It is still not fully grown, it is stuck in developing complex transition, animation, and unable to perform on multiple screens. It shows the immaturity of this framework and defines the future will hard to go for React.

Top Companies That Use React Native

It perfectly affirms that React Native is a newcomer, it gained too much popularity by its ease of developing methods and next-gen feature. That’s why many popular companies adopt the React Native for their business application. It’s facebook product so FB uses it first for making it’s app compatible with both apps and speed up the app.

  • FaceBook
  • Walmart
  • SoundCloud
  • Bloomberg
  • Instagram

In A Nutshell

While wrapping up, we can say react native is perfect for cross-platform development, there are vast benefits of using React Native like hot reload, reusability of code, compatible with third-party plugins, offer a pre-loaded component that simply reduces the development time. It also shows few demerits but as it is in a growing period so it surely solves all the issue and improves well. In a concise conclusion, we can say React Native is best and suitable for cross-platform.

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