7 Most Common Web Design Mistakes | How To Fix Them


Website design mistakes are just common and anyone can fix them by some better knowledge. We all are concordant on one point that nobody perfect and mistakes are just part of the process but web design mistakes cause the business to lose customers. As we know mobile users keep growing in huge numbers day by day, most of the internet traffic has come from mobile devices, that simply means your website should be compatible with mobile devices. One more concern about the smartphone is size, screen size is uncertain for mobiles, i.e. Screen with the notch, full screen, without the notch, and foldable phones. We can’t assume what will be the next screen size of smartphones but one thing we can do right now is developing responsive web design. In this article, we are going to reveal the 7 most common website design mistakes and find out how to fix them.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs


Why Common Website Design Mistakes Occur

Free templates for WordPress, free themes, free plugins, web page layout and blocks. While everything available on the internet with ease and it doesn’t affect your pocket, therefore, people think they can make their website by themselves. In that time they don’t need a web development company for developing a website, they assume website development company is just worthless. Free themes and plugins lead people towards web development but they make mistakes just because of less designing and coding knowledge. They wanna use all of the free templates in a single design, result causes a complex web design. Sometimes web designer also makes absently mistakes or lost in the thought while designing a website.

How To Fix 7 Most Common Web Design Mistakes

  • Complex User Interface – The first and foremost mistake almost every website owner and even web designer do is a complex UI. To provide more features and an attractive user interface on the website, the web designers kept adding templates and blocks. The output of this type of web design is not user-friendly. Try to keep your web design simple as much as you can. Responsive web design doesn’t only means a web design easily open in all mobile devices, but it also helps visitors in terms of user-friendly design.
  • Fancy Font – Fancy font means a font style that looks cool on the desktop but in a mobile device, it looks terrible. Most of the time user loves to stay on those websites, where Font style and Font size are responsive & simple. Sometimes website owners demand a web design with a special theme. In that type of web design, the font style must be matched with the web page layout and relevant business category. Try to add appealing content with a custom font that meets the soul of the web design. Simple Font style can increase the readability score of websites, also it helps content to easily readable.
  • Ordinary Home Page – Hmm! Ordinary home pages are so boring and old fashioned. Try to make a landing page instead of designing ordinary home pages. Landing Page helps to drive sales and traffic on your website. To make a profitable web design a landing page can be the best method. Use CTA(call to action) button, use catchy content and appealing video in the landing page to get best out of it. A perfect Landing page has the ability to elevate your business growth.

Web Design Mistakes

  • Multiple Colour in One Design – Colour can be your best web design weapon and it could be worst, it depends on how you use it. Multiple colours palettes in single web design may lead your website towards bad User Interface. To create an alluring web design colour, it must be matched with business ideology and website theme. Try to choose only 2 or 3 colour in web design to play game of colors in web designing. Colour affects the user interface and user experience, so make sure about the relevant colour and theme.
  • Complex Checkout – In order to give a better user interface and alluring design, one mistake is very common. Complex checkout or cart affect your business sale in a negative manner.  Try to design simple and easy checkout process as much as you can, it should be less in content, less in information and less in steps. Keep your e-commerce website with a neat and clean checkout process. Allow users to pay with a secure payment method with providing all type of payment method.
  • 404 Error! Page Not Found – Users normally lost their trust while facing 404 error message or Page not found. It’s very irritating to deal with such error, Maybe your important page linked with broken plugins or redirect with a broken link. So keep checking your web pages and update respective plugins. Page speed also makes a difference in your design, slow page speed cause an increase in bounce rate.         Important page with the broken link and broken plugins, or maybe slow page speed decrease website page rank on Google search.
  • Hard to Find Important Link – It’s very often to focus on the target audience and provide them including what they actually want. In bad web design, the user can’t easily find an important link like Return policy, Business hours, contact details, and FAQs. If some links are hidden or misplaced then users get disturbed and click on the back button. So keep in mind that all important link should be placed at the home page. Best area of placing an important link in Footer of the website. Try to consider easy and precise Footer design, so users can easily reach out through information.

How To Fix Web Design Mistakes

Mistakes never hurt us because it shows we are trying and putting some effort in the right direction but we all need to do is either reduce them or fix them. First thing first, lack of coding knowledge cause web design mistakes, so don’t try to develop own website if you are not familiar to coding and web designing. Hire a web designer or hire web development company to make an error-free web design. Examine every popular website and your competitor’s website to find out how to design a perfect website. Smaller font size is also decreased website traffic, make sure about responsive font size and simple font style.

Ecommerce Web Design Mistakes

How To Avoid Common Ecommerce Web Design Mistakes

This is very often queried in entrepreneurs mind, they know the value and future of ecommerce but still, they can’t make a strong decision towards profitable Ecommerce web design and Responsive web design. Most of the time business owners have a lack of technical knowledge but somehow they manage to develop free Ecommerce website with website builders template. For error-free E-commerce web design, all you have to do research some popular websites in your business category. By following the popular Ecommerce website you can get the actual idea of developing the best E-commerce design.

  • Try to design an easy Checkout process instead of a bulky cart
  • A landing page can convert visitors into potential customer
  • Try to use more White Space in E-commerce Website design
  • Colour palettes should be matched with the business category
  • Make sure users can easily find links of the Return Policy and FAQ
  • Alluring Videos, Killer Copywriting and Apt Graphics are important

How To Avoid Business Website Design Mistakes

If a business face biggest Mistakes in Web design that means all the digital marketing tactics are worthless. For better web design, the business owner needs to find the actual audience for targeting. Always keep your targeting customer and brand image in mind, while capturing Brand identity design & Logo design. A logo is the first impression of your business so try to make it more informatics. Your business category, logo, icon and web design must fit on the same boat.

  • Never put content as an afterthought, Rich content is everything
  • Use White space in content and graphics for better User Interface
  • Analyze the target audience for better Brand identity design
  • Logo and icon have to recite so much about your business
  • Put Important links in Footer, like About, Contact, Policy & Sitemap
  • Call To Action button and Landing page are must in web design

Business Website Design Mistakes

In A Nutshell

We all are human beings and humans do mistakes, therefore, we are not criticizing anybody for web design mistakes. For better business growth, fix all common web design mistakes and examine every free tool before using them. Free theme and template can give an easy way to develop a website but they are not always safe to use. For a brand website, you have to research for the best web development company like Acquaint SoftTech. A reputed web development company USA, India can help you out in developing a creative website. If you are looking for error-free and smooth web design, then we are the only one you can trust on. Feel free to discuss your dream idea with our expert, contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. Keep SHARING this piece of content with your besties.