Android Q: Expected Features & Rumours About Latest Android Version


Whenever any new product is about to launch, rumours get bubbling in the user’s mind. The same thing happens with most awaited latest Android version Android Q or Android 10. Every Android app development company and users have eagle’s eye on the Android version, therefore, they keep guessing about the new feature, security update, gesture, etc. The first and foremost, query randing is the possible name. According to the history of Android most version name, it may be a portion of food-related like Oreo, KitKat, doughnut, cupcake, and so on. So the first rumour for the users is the name. Android users keep guessing a dessert name start with Q… Android Quiche, Queen of pudding or it can be Quesito… hmm! these Quest of Query end with grammatically wrong Qlueless Quotation. The mystery about the name is not solved yet, it will soon reveal by Android, so keep tickling with Android Q.

Latest Android Version Q Beta 1 Download on Pixel

Phew! It’s very fascinating to hear about the first beta version of Android Q is already launched on 13 March 2019 and available for download via OTA (over-the-air). Beta 1 version launched only for Pixel devices, i.e. Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

What is Android Q Beta Version?

Android or any other software always launch their Beta version just for testing and developing bug-free version before the publicly used. Android always comes with some beta version in order to make user-friendly and error-free platform through feedback. According to Google, Android Q brings the six Beta version.

  • Beta 1-3 –  They are the initial version, which tends to identify the issue regarding migration of old apps, new features and API through feedback. It is a phase of 3 months where users keep information and give feedback via issue tracker about the issue related to the UI, and Android keeps working on addressing the problems.
  • Beta 4 – It’s will be an updated beta version rely on updated API and other features. Beta 4 will possibly launch during June 2019 with final SDK and compatible in-built apps.
  • Beta 5,6 Both Beta versions will nearer to the final structure of Android Q. They will be responsible for the actual and conclusive image of Q version.

Publically Android Q Launching Date

It’s too early to guess the official launching date of Android Q, but according to Google’s previous launching process of Android versions, it seems like September 2019 would be the most possible launching month for Android Q. It’s beta 1 version launch recently (13 March 2019) on Pixel 1, Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and other Pixel series. For all Android devices and public use, it’s gonna be possibly September 2019for Android Q version.

Expected Features of Android Q:

Android Q is also going to be as easy as pie for us. Android pie is making buzz over all the mobile devices and users are keep loving all gesture and the new feature. Pie gives the most compatible UI but many of the techno freak people criticizing its gesture feature over the back button. Android Q will possibly solve this issue with some updated landmarks. That’s why users have lots of expectation from Android Q. So we are going to reveal some expected feature of Q.

Android Permission

The most awaited update from Google is Google+ and permission policy. Google going to shutting down Google plus on 2 April 2019 due to API bugs. The reason behind the sunsetting of google plus is user data safety, it’s clear that Google is very serious about Users data safety and permission policy. With the Google+ shutdown Google also announced that their team working on the restriction of Android permission for third-party apps. So we can assume about the secure Android permission policy update in Android Q.

R.I.P. Back Button!

The Back button has become history with Android Pie, but users are still criticizing the new gesture of Pie. The Pie gesture over the back button looks incomplete and irrelevant. So it’s a chance that Android Q comes with a better option over the back button. It’s a rumour about the back button therefore, we can’t finalize our opinion because it’s not officially announced by the Android community.

Advanced Theme Option

Well, in the beta version, Android launched 4 colour of entire UI, users can change UI colour with the option of Green, Black, Purple and Blue. Dark Black Theme feature is still a rumour, but it should be added this time. System-wide dark mode is the most awaited feature and fascinating feature in Android users. According to rumours, It’s going to be a dark system-wide theme in Q with some additional feature like change any third party app theme, overridden app theme.

Updated Sharing Menu

Sharing Menu is not a new term but it is updating through every android version. It’s officially announced that Sharing Menu has updated with some advance feature to quick access. The new feature launch with Android Q is “Sharing Shortcuts”, it may give users to quickly access to sharing menu.

Built-in Screen Recording

Danm! Music to your ears, Gone are the days when users rely on third-party apps for screen recording. Q comes with built-in screen recording feature, it allows users to record screen without using any third-party apps. Most requested feature Built-in screen recording is added in Beta 1 version so without any doubt screen recording will be a notable feature in Android Q.

Apt For Foldable Phones

2019 will be a year of foldable smartphones, to jump on the bandwagon Android team is kept working on the responsive design to give the best experience for foldable smartphone users. Smartphones are changing with compatible sizes, that’s why Android Q has to perform responsive UI with different size of smartphones.

Multi-Split Screen

We know this is already a feature called split-screen, but it requires some improvisation. with multi-split Screen, users allow enjoying several apps at the same time. Limitation of Two split screen is not enough for users. If all the rumours related feature are added in the Android Q then Boom! It’s going to be the most user-centric Android version of all time.

3 Wishlist Feature Every User Want to See in Android Q

Easy One Hand Mode

We all are concordant on one point that Android always focus on easy & user-friendly UI, just because it is widely used in the world. Android has a range of users like normal, knowledgeable and technically expert, so one hand mode is a must feature that should be a concern by Android, although many smartphone brands allow users to use mobile with one hand, sometimes it’s not relevant for users. So an updated in-built feature should be announced by Android.

Improved UI

Many smartphones manufacture gives custom UI with Android operating system, that support voice recording, themes and many useful customized features. We are not complaining or judging the stock Android, but some additional feature will make it more useful and favourable. Android Users always demand alluring UI, that’s why they lead to custom UI to perform better.

Shortcut key

Like iOS has a white home button or Assertive Touch button that keeps roaming with users. It helps in navigation and quick menu, it will be a helpful feature for Android users. Many of us think that it seems like coping the iPhone but it can help users for easy and user-friendly UI feel. A Siri type AI chatbots are also appreciated by Android users, It is a users wishlist feature so we can’t assume about the Android Q.

In A Nutshell

It’s clear that Android Q will be going to the most advanced and user-friendly operating system by Android. Being a leading Android app development company, Acquaint SoftTech and our developers are also waiting for the latest version. The most remarkable feature in Android Q is Android Permission for Third-party apps and in-built screen recorder feature. Most lovable things about Android Q is their futuristic logo. It feels like Android Q will be the most technically strong Android OS compared to the previous version of Android.

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