Why App Category Is A Game Changer For Successful Mobile Application


Having a mobile app is quite common now, but having a successful or popular application still a mystery. It sounds like a perplexing one but in reality, it is not that much tough. Actually, there are thousands of app s in every app category, so the challenging task is to sustain in the competition. This post narrated the same information, it includes the reason behind why the app category is a game changer for a successful mobile application.

Meanwhile, without the planning and alluring design app development is like adding bugs in a blank file. It’s never a great idea if it is not curated perfectly, so the success of any app relies on how strong your brainstorming was. Being a leading mobile application development company USA, we are well acquainted with the winsome app development process. At Acquaint SoftTech, our dedicated developers have bags of tricks to craft a successful application.

In this particular post, we are revealing the types of mobile apps, the secret features of successful mobile applications, also the most popular app category. Most of the time app owners either work on the dream idea or craft their business app, App category is always a second thought for many of us.

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The Basic Types of Mobile Application Development

  • Native
  • Hybrid
  • Web Apps
  • Cross-Platform Technology

Native Applications

The native app simply indicates the pure form of application development. It can also be narrated as a mobile application developed for a single platform such as iOS or Android. It can optimized performance and leverage from the latest technology. A native app can compatible with the in-built smartphone features like a camera, GPS, calendar, contacts, push notifications, microphone, and contacts. Hybrid apps & Web apps don’t support all functions.

The main advantage of Native apps is the performance, as we know native application solely design for a particular platform, so the performance is better compared to others. Targeting on the single platforms also helps in crafting alluring UI/UX app design. The security is also a plus factor, Native apps follow app store guidelines, therefore, app data and security should be concerned seriously.

There are three main platforms for Native app development that are widely used. iOS on Objective-C or Swift, Android on Java and Windows Phone on Net. Android is the most used mobile operating system with having approx 70% of total smartphone users. iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system. All in all the native app development most popular kind of mobile app development.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps completely differ from the Native apps because of their development process. While native apps are designed for single platforms, Hybrid apps are built using multi-platform web technologies. Actually, Hybrid apps are closer to web applications covered in a native wrapper. That simply means the Hybrid apps are work as a web app but look like a native one.

As the name implies “Hybrid” means a resultant product from two different technologies. So this hybrid app includes merit and demerit of both Native & web applications. They are easy to develop, better in response, faster load time, and smooth UI/UX. They are compatible with low-cost development, also it can reduce the development time.

On the contrary, Hybrid apps are lacking in overall performance, optimization and failed to offer fully native type user experience. The design also a demerit for hybrid apps, because it’s tough to design the same UI/UX for several platforms. As native apps are compatible with mobile device in-built features but the Hybrid app doesn’t.

As we all know most of the businesses have their own websites. A web application is the best option for those who want to give native app type feel without actually develop it. Progressive web apps are the best way to do this type of task, PWA allows the user to access the app even in the offline mode. It helps in reducing the development cost and time too.

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Cross-platform App Development

It is not a type of mobile app but it is a type of app development process. Cross-platform is a process that allows developers to reuse the code for different platforms. Actually, cross-platform is a kind of technology for mobile app development. It relies on a simple principle “code once use it anywhere”, that simply means developers can reuse the existing codes for creating an application for one platform to other platforms.

Let’s assume if an app owner wants to create the same application for iOS and Android then cross-platform is the best choice. A developer can first develop an application on Android and reuse the code for iOS. It reduces the overall development cost and cut the developing time. All in all the cross-platform is the first choice for app developers.

There are three main frameworks of cross-platform i.e. Flutter, React Native and Xamarin. The code reusability is higher for the Xamarin above 90%, it is a paid tool but not have any customer support. Flutter and React Native allows developers to reuse code for 70% to 90% but both are open source tools and have dedicated support.

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Why App Category Is A Game Changer For Successful Mobile Application

To create a successful mobile application many ingredients need to be curated perfectly. The better mobile app UI design, winsome features, and app promotion are the roots of every popular app. But, is it sufficient to meet the relevant audience, there is an app category that decides the future of any application. Most of the app owners forget to research the app category and this creates the actual difference.

According to a recent survey, most of the app builds on a fresh idea or for a business purpose. There is a lack of research while talking about the App Store and app category. App owners generally refuse to identify which app category will give great ROI. While talking about the app category it also includes the ideation before the app development. In most cases, the app category is the game changer for a successful application.

Most Popular App Category With Having Highest Downloads

According to Statista, “Gaming apps are the most popular apps based on availability, as about 25 percent of all apps available fit in this category. Gaming is also an app category with high mobile user engagement – in June 2016, 88 percent of digital gaming time was spent via mobile apps. As of May 2019, Clash of Clans was the top-grossing gaming app, generating more than 1.54 million U.S. dollars in revenue per day.”

The above statics for app categories recites the story of Apple App Store but the Google Play also has the same characteristics. Gaming based apps are most popular on both the App Store and Play Store. There are 33 categories of apps in Google Play and 24 categories in Apple’s App Store. But only several app categories are useful for users. Also, gaming apps can monetize the revenue by in-app items purchase.

Apart from the Game app category, there are several more which ruled the app store. Other most popular app categories are business, lifestyle, education, entertainment and so on. Business apps are the second most popular app category that simply means the importance of business app is remarkable.

On the contrary, Google Play Store also has the same story. The statistics show the leading Android apps in the Google Play Store in the U.S. in June 2019 (By revenue in millions). As the top ten most popular apps on Google Play Store, 7 out of 10 apps overwhelmed by the Game industry.

Most Popular Mobile App Categories

It is quite clear that Gaming apps are ruling the app store(iOS, Android), therefore, gaming should be the best category to deal with. Usually, smartphone users love to play games on mobile devices due to better experience and convenient. The second most popular app category is the business app, it indicates the importance of application for business usability. A business with an application can easily gain trust for their audience. 

According to the availability, the Gaming app category covers 24.43% of total apps. The business app holds the second rank with 10.03%. Education, lifestyle, and lifestyle are listed at the beneath position. Meanwhile, if your app relies on top 4 app categories that simply means the chances are always higher to become a successful application.

Example of Popular Gaming Apps

Examples of Popular Business Apps

What Makes A Good App: Secrets of Successful Mobile Application

Craft a successful app is not rocket science but it seems like a mysterious one. Being a leading mobile application development company USA, our team handover many popular apps. That’s why we are acquainted with the winsome features that can elevate any app popularity.

The first and foremost thing is the ideation, if your application belongs to the problem-solving idea then it should be lovable by a relevant audience. So take time and research about what are the issues that your targeting audience facing. Try to convince the audience that your app is the only way to resolve the issues.

Meanwhile, you should identify your target audience first. While figuring out your audience find out their location, interests, gender, age, education. In short, you should find out everything so you can add features according to your audience. There are many helpful tools to do so, including Google Analytics, Business Website data, and many more.

The second most important thing is to promote your application. You have to fix your budget for the app promotion and platforms i.e. App store optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Google Ads. The best platform to promote your app is social media because it is affordable and appealing to the users.

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Also, never takes too long to make your application. Many times app owners want to create the perfect app, therefore, they keep adding dozens of features. Making an alluring design nothing wrong in any manner but taking too much time on the idea can make your idea outdated. The best practice is to launch the app with the basic(necessary) features only and introduced rest in the future updates. It will reduce the overall development time and cut the app size also.

In A Nutshell

While we are wrapping this article, one thing is so much clear that the app category is a deciding factor in app development. Choosing the right category for your app can transform the output. QA testing is also an important step in mobile app development, otherwise, all the marketing tactics are just worthless. Again if everything seems well planned but the app development partner is not meets the expectation then output can hurt you.

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If you are looking to craft a dream application that will be productive and profitable then we are the best source. Acquaint SoftTech is a renowned mobile application development company USA with having vast experience of creating winsome applications. Our dedicated developers are working against the clock to create something beyond the expectation. Feel free to share your dream idea with experts. Drop inquiry at [email protected] or call at +1 773 377 6499. Keep SHARING this piece of content with your bestie.