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Since we ourselves were the client, we had such a lottery application in our mind that users win the lottery as well a jackpot of other benefits too. Gagner, which in French means “to win”, we developed a win-win application for all. Each Acquaintians invested their best ideas and efforts, to give a fantastic finale to this application.



  • To create a lottery app which can help a user try luck even at the cost of Rs. 10.
  • A user account where the user can go through the lists of pending draws and other details related to the lottery.
  • Clickables through which the user can refer others and win a chance to participate for free if the referral registers.
  • To prepare winner list that displays everyday winners and keeps track of your lottery status.


  • It comes with a user account that ensures safety and privacy.
  • The user can check his lottery details and history anytime.
  • It shows details about the prize money.
  • Weekly lucky games and much more to enhance the chance of winning
  • Free participation upon referring someone

Process & Technology

We began the developing process on UI level at first and ended with devising all functionalities that are compatible with Android. We used PHP in backend program and for payment method, we incorporated Paytm.


  • The user can view the winners list anytime
  • The user can edit the profile and other settings
  • Options like referring a friend, give other benefits to the user
  • Gagner is the simplest lottery application that works perfectly fine in Android
  • Apart from the prize money, the user also gets points and rewards too


We keep on adding latest updates so that there is no break in your joy of playing. And so Gagner is getting new users every single day. Its user-friendly accessibility and winning features are itself no less than a jackpot.