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A free service that schedules and manages your events

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In the three main areas of life, personal, business and school, we all have a number of events, meetings, parties, invitations, interviews to attend. To manage all this, Plan it Sync approached us to create their web and mobile identity. The client opened up their desire of having a responsive website and mobile applications on two major platforms, Android and iOS. We fulfilled their desire garnishing it with inputs and the end result brought a happy smile at both ends. Now, there is no limit in their web and mobile traffic.



  • An impressive website design
  • Ux & Prototyping
  • A super responsive website
  • A corporate event landing page
  • Mobile applications, both Android and iOS


  • To create a user account, event generation and a landing page.
  • To form an interactive platform where users can RSVP, comment & poll.
  • To devise a calendar that displays all event with details.
  • To manage to-dos and task lists.
  • To generate an internal user’s message system.



  • Event planning and appointment scheduling made easy
  • Creates to-do lists and personalized invitations
  • Generates notifications and reminders


  • Great user experience enabling RSVPing
  • Online ordering and payment solutions
  • Staff and work management
  • Creates and sells tickets
  • Membership management


  • Parents receive automatic reminders and notifications
  • Can set up online lunch orders
  • Manage school parents communications

Process & Technology

Using Core PHP, we developed all the requirements of our client with our suggestions what and where it will work best. We also created Roster, an employee management system in business user, through which one can supervise the staff across single or multiple locations.


  • Plan it Sync it works without any breaks or pauses in all devices.
  • Users can easily access the website and apps getting all details of events as well as organizing one without a headache.
  • Safe payment methods and sorted event managements are flooding more and more users.
  • Users are able to attend important meetings and events due to its notification and reminder functionalities.


The real reward after successfully developing the web solutions for the client is their smile. And, we got many such smiles from Plan it Sync it. The winning effort of our technical freaks and their vast industrial experience resulted in, seamlessly working mobile applications and a magnetic website which is running successfully in the market.