Stoked Wind

Know when and where the wind is best and surf your heart out

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Though it’s impossible to compete and predict nature fully and accurately, man has been able to reach close at least with his excellent successful innovations. One such genius creation is Stoked Wind application, a wind forecasting app, that gives complete wind information of the requested location. Like the name itself, we were stoked to create this interesting application.



  • An iPhone and Android application with extra functionality
  • Customizable with additional features
  • User interactive
  • Notifications and alert messages


  • To create a user-friendly mobile application
  • To build a supporting software that receives current wind forecasts
  • To create multiple forecast models
  • To design a smartphone wind meter


  • Report from global weather stations
  • Virtual wind forecast, anytime, anywhere
  • Wind alerts via push notifications
  • In-app purchases which include location customization, wind profile of your time zone
  • Meteorologist Forecasts
  • Location maps and best spots to surf
  • Sea Surface Temperatures
  • Warning messages
  • Open weather map API
  • 360-degree panorama view
  • 3D-Touch

Process & Technology

We implemented a fully featured iOS application using two databases SQLite3 and CoCoa Touch Framework. Our team contributed their complete dedication to developing, testing and support activities, which resulted in an exceptionally working mobile application.


  • Stoked Wind is now among the popular iPhone applications
  • It is being extremely beneficial for kitesurfers and windsurfers as they can get wind updates just at one tap
  • Its rich user experience and impressive UI is attracting users from around the globe


Stoked Wind iPhone application was successfully fabricated with all required and add on features. The app has carved its place among other top applications due to its functionality. The shower of appreciation that breezed from our client’s end was relaxing and satisfactory.