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We buried our heads in building some stunning links. Here is a handful of them…

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Planit Sync it

Plan it Sync it, is a software development company, that helps people in getting organized. With a lot many things on our everyday list, we end up creating a mess and all our procrastinations turn into a huge pile later. To pull each one out of this confusion, Plan it Sync it was born to manage all the personal, business or school events, easily and in an effective way.

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Stoked Wind

Stoked Wind is a smart wind forecasting mobile application that keeps you updated all about the wind at your fingertip, anytime, anywhere. Specially designed for the kitesurfers and the windsurfers, this application gives wind forecast with precision and in detail. With its exclusive weather station networks around the globe, it gives you 24-hour weather forecast and wind data as you request.

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ArtsCause is an art funding platform, built to raise funds for community arts projects. It is a noble effort, initiated to make community arts projects and other arts based programs reach to the donors who are interested in supporting the cause. ArtsCause has proved to be a remarkable web portal that inspires and encourage every artistic heart around the world to make a difference with the language of art.

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