Game Of Colors In Web Designing


“How about a patch of pink?”, “No, purple would be good.” “Naaa, that’s too odd. Let’s try some lighter shades.”

If you are thinking this is a conversation of choosing a color for a room, then you’re mistaken. It is for a website! Confused? Well, the process of choosing from the color palette is followed in web designing field also just like you do for your home. Why??? What’s the need? Who does that?

You might have come across various websites that might have turned you off due to their bright or weird choice of colors. It is because the theory of ‘attracting users with colors’ gone wrong. We all know that colors communicate. Each color represents something and the usage of which in a wrong way can even lessen your web traffic. Did you know that color schemes do influence the visitor’s decision making? Let’s see how.

  • Extremely bright colors can give a strain to the viewer’s eye. Moreover, they will hardly read the content in it.
  • Use of minimal color scheme creates contrast and give a unique look and feel to the website.
  • A majority of them prefer using their brand logo colors on the website to create uniformity and establish their brand identification. Though it is a good move, using them rightly matters a lot or else it can spoil the game.
  • If you want to add a splash of color here and there, go on, but hold your horses while using them. If you end up adding too much it will lose its impact.
  • Remember your background and the text must always contrast. Although the best combination for this is black and white, if you are using your brand color then pick a color that is contrasting to yours.
  • Colour combinations are good but, go for a maximum of three colors. Never create a rainbow of colors on your website. To give a pleasant experience to the visitor, make use of not more than 3 or 4 colors wisely.
  • Keep in mind that the responses to colors vary according to factors such as gender, age or cultural background. Like for ex. red is a danger for some while its love for others. Do a market research, study your target audiences and use colors accordingly. You don’t want any conflicts arising due to colors, do you?

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Here are some of the basic colors and for what they must be used on the website.


It indicates the flow of urgency. Have you ever noticed why advertisers use red color for discounts sales? It shows the need to rush and take an action.


It is generally associated with babies or women and so websites that market women’s’ product make use of pink color to attract ladies.


It is considered as a royal and rich color. Purple is a smooth and a refreshing color. Play with its different shades to give a fresh look to your website.


Using cool blue colors gives a clean and a bold effect to your website. It creates nice highlights that can make a viewer read the whole content.


It is an ironical color. It represents style and vigor and so websites of automobiles use black more on their website.


Both are considered as cheery colors. Orange makes calls to action stand out and inspire the desired action.

In a Nutshell

Playing with colors is fun but while using them on a website you must seek a professional. Web designers have a good knowledge of which colour goes best and where. Our team at Acquaint, makes sure that your website is developed with a perfect chromatic balance that does not annoy the viewer in any way. So if you are planning to get a website designed, contact us today at [email protected] or give us a call at +91 79 4037 0622.

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