Content Management Systems That Can Make You Feel Content


A system that manages the content? Yes, you guessed it right. As the name goes, CMS is a software that helps you manage the content of your website. By manage it means you get the full freedom to generate, edit, organize and publish the content on your own. The content is gaining as much attention as the designs nowadays. People are more interested in reading the content as well rather than just scrolling through it. So what are the CMSs that are ruling the hearts in this era? Here are the best four!

Unarguably, WORDPRESS tops the list. It is the hot favorite for all when it comes to CMS. The most widely used and the best amongst all, WordPress, is often misunderstood only as a blogging platform. Many are still not fully aware of its potential. Sites of all sizes rely on WordPress to help publish, manage and organize the content of wide variety; articles, tutorials, photos, videos, stories, and much more. Not just because it is easy to use, but also because it is highly flexible and gives you a wide range of language, themes, styles and plug-in options to choose from.

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On the second position, we have JOOMLA! Best for small business, Joomla is a challenge in terms of coding power, which makes it best for back-end networks. Like all, Joomla also gives a wide variety of extensions and plugins but, its ability to customize is something that makes it different. The result is your unique website! No doubt it comes second to WordPress in terms of usage.

DRUPAL is a CMS that works with you. Its large community is just there whenever you need them. With over 30,000+ extendable modules and 2,000+ individual and unique themes, Drupal can take your site to a whole new level. For websites with a number of pages and heavy traffic of users, Drupal is a perfect match. It is a bit complex to understand and so you might need an expert to handle Drupal. Even if you fail to find someone, there is nothing to worry as its highly active community is always there to guide you right from installation to its functionality.

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If e-Commerce is your plan, pick MAGENTO! It is born for e-commerce sites. Magento supports multiple currencies and languages, which makes it a good choice if you have international customers. It offers you ready-made themes that you can opt for or just customize it as you need. It’s impressive tools and add-on, help you manage your billing, accounts, shipping, and other processes easily. Magento has over 3,000 trained solution partners, professional experts for consultation, code audits or business analytics to assist you whenever you need them.

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