Customer Relationship Management For Every Mobile App Development Company


Customer relationship management is a key to survive in the cut-throat competition of mobile app development industry, every company wants to be the best or pretend like the best mobile app development company India or USA but as we know all road lead to the Rome, every company wants to sustain in the market, few are survive and rest is become part of the history. A customer-centric approach is the only way to make headway and create uniqueness, so the purpose of this content is only to rethink about success mantra and redefine money approach. In this particular piece of content, we are going to reveal some old school tactics about the customer-centric approach. We ensure you that you will surely find something amusing in this post.

Why Customer Relationship Management Important For Every Business

As you see every app development company practices with multiple tactics, like marketing, building brand image, better social media marketing, SEO and many more. At the initial level, may be one of the marketing tactics work but to sustain at the top rank you have to think about customers and their needs. Another reason is like we all know app development is not single time work, it’s keep running so to make a trustworthy and satisfactory development, a customer-centric approach is the only way. It should be adopted as USP of every mobile application development company.

What Is Customer Centric Meaning

A customer centric approach is not a new term but it has to be redefined. A company or organization consider their customer as a business priority, it means they bound to serve customers like family member, advice them like a best friend and support them like a life partner. It seems very lovely and caring but in real life, it is the most complex task to bring customer-centric approach. A mobile app development company faces three types of customer i.e. General (technically weak), Knowledgeable and third one is Expert. So it’s necessary to guide them and suggest them according to their area of knowledge.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Process

At Acquaint SoftTech, We have expertise in services like mobile app, web development, web designing, enterprise mobility solution and many more but that are just services, not the achievement, what we achieve in past several years is trust, appreciation, and satisfaction from beloved clients. Our team always revere to the client’s ideology that’s why we meet the expectation in every project. Being a customer centric company, We can suggest some tips for offering a user-centric approach to make it simple.

  • Discover QA & Testing- Most of us are thinking that QA and Testing services are only valuable for making bug-free apps and error-free development. The use of testing & QA is diverse in many fields to sustain the customer-centric approach. Let assume, a company have vast experience of developing mobile apps and still giving support even the app is launched. It should be a plus factor because it’s rare to deal with techno-friendly clients.
  • Strong Communication- Nowadays, The basic mistake every company does is less communication with the client’s during development. Every mobile app development company should revere to the client’s idea and insist them to give suggestion while development. David J. Greer quoted “A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”
  • Customer Experience- Feedback is most underrated tools for drive trust on your brand. When you are going to develop an app for a client, give them detailed feedback about how your team loved to work with your project, give the suggestionfor their brand identity improvement, or give marketing tips to promote app for free.
  • Be A Well Wisher- In a recent study, many companies take Birth Date of clients, while signing in to their services. It looks normal in the first place but collecting the birth dates can be your best tools for emotional marketing. You can wish client’s on their birthday like a family member does, it means a lot for every person. If your clients are an active entrepreneur then it’s a higher chance that they recommend your company whenever a person need mobile app development services.

Bargaining Is Not A Crime

In professional life, everyone seems to be the gentleman but they are not. When a customer looking for some discount or bargaining amount, your tone changes, it becomes soft to rude, the customer felt guilty of the behaviour, maybe the customer will continue the services but they carry negative impact in their mind. If you don’t want to cut your prices then simply say, “Sorry or No” it will make a pleasant sound. Bargaining is not a crime so stop pretending rude.

Customer-Centric Approach

Pros of Customer-Centric Approach

In the IT industry,  Real Assets is always the customer and satisfied portfolio, not a balance sheet. A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement and it makes a long list for trustworthy clients. So it necessary to invest in customer’s need rather than your personal requirements.

Cons of Customer-Centric Approach

There is nothing to put in demerit bag but some advice can make your organisation more powerful. The customer-centric approach fits in all aspect but you can’t only rely on these tactics. It’s very clear that to sustain user or client, first, you have to attract clients towards your company, so keep the focus on marketing and brand design. A customer-centric approach is the second stage to follow on.

In A Nutshell

Expectation, Satisfaction, and Appreciation, these three words are enough to explain the customer-centric approach. Success is not a milestone but it is a process, Success can be achieved every day by meets the expectation of client, appreciation of hard work is a remedy of satisfaction. At Acquaint SoftTech, we are always penny of your thoughts, customer-centric approach is the only tools, we use while the foundation of your castles in the air. We are a renowned mobile application development company, Our only focus is to give an easy bespoke solution to clients.

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