Future Of UX Design Trends


To meet the evolving needs of customers and give them an unforgettable User Experience, significant updates and trends are emerging worldwide. To survive in this cut-throat competition, one needs to be unique in some way and contribute something creative at every step.

No matter what effort you have put in your website if it fails to give a smooth User Experience, everything goes in vain, cause user is the ultimate goal. If their expectations aren’t met or you are making things complicated for them, the road ahead will become tough for you to travel. Thankfully, we witnessed some great new innovations of UX design this year and by looking at their popularity, we can say they will definitely continue to impress in 2018 as well. Let’s check out those emerging trends.

Content is the new trend

Content design strategyBusinesses are trying their hand on content-focused design strategy. It not only keeps the user engaged for a long time but, will also provoke the user to check out other things on the website, only if the content is worth reading. UX design industry is dumping the conventional way of a website where the only aim is to fit the content wherever it’s possible. Now, they are implementing more of design-based content, the reason being is it can create more impact on the viewer. A content-rich website serves two purposes, one, it will build trust and relation with the user by indicating that selling product is not their only aim while second is SEO.

Full-screen videos

full-screen videoNot all of the sites are depending on content-rich sites. Instead, a full-screen video is doing the trick for them. Visuals always impress and attract viewers, which is why a video can create greater impact if portrayed well. This trend is setting such good records of User Experience that it is not likely to go away anytime soon.

Typos are the charmers

Website TypographyThe Typography can never go out of fashion since they can be unique in numerous ways. There is no limit to what you can do with fonts, size, colors, effects.

Gradients 2018

website gradients effectsThe brilliant use of gradients on a website can please anyone. In 2018, you will see brighter, more vivid colors, and greater use of gradients.

Illustrations are a visual treat

visual treat illustrationsThe reason that makes illustrations stand-out, is its ability to tell a story on their own. This emerging trend is very likely to stay relevant in 2018 because illustrations are an extremely versatile visual element. You can make them appear as you like, sophisticated or simplistic; playful or serious, they will undoubtedly give an incredible user experience.

Final note

Though trends change with time, some remain and continue to impress for a longer duration of time. And to give a remarkable User Experience, a collaborative team of designers, marketers, developers, and writers are a must, which we have already on board. Contact us today at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499 to get the best UX designed on your website.