Google I/O 2019: Google Expand Flutter SDK To Web, Desktop, Embedded Devices


Google I/O is a medium to communicate between Google and it’s users. Google always announce their new services and products through the Google I/O. In 2019 Google I/O held on 7 May – 9 May, so all the users and developers are waiting for something new that can fascinate them. Actually, there are many rumours bubbling around the internet about Google I/O summit. On the first day, a major announcement about Flutter creates a wow moment for all the passionate developer. Google will expand the area of Flutter mobile app SDK for meaning it closer to the multi-platform framework. So to dive into this news we are come up with this piece of content. In this particular post, we are explaining the news about Google expand Flutter SDK to the web, desktop, embedded devices.

What Is Flutter Mobile App SDK Stands For:

As we all know Flutter is not a programming language, it is a mobile app development framework used for crafting app UI. Actually, Google develops Flutter for creating apps for Google Fuchsia, but lately, they make it as open source for developing an application in Android and iOS platform. Flutter treat as complete SDK for developing the cross-platform app development. It offers API’s, readymade widgets, command line tools and almost all tools that can be used in cross-platform application development. Flutter is specially used for creating the app development and UI design for Android & iOS until the 6-May-2019. But this definition becomes part of history, Flutter is become grown up as a multiplatform framework.

Why Google Expand Flutter SDK To Web, Desktop, Embedded Devices:

Google released the latest version of Flutter at the Google I/O 2019 keynote. Flutter 1.5 is an updated version so it has to expand its vision and area of usability. Flutter introduced first time in the Google I/O 2017 and this year it comes up with the new vision and mission. Flutter’s 1.5 version offers multi-platform accessibility and also support the web, desktop, embedded device along with the mobile devices also. It is a great move by Google to make solidified a reputation in developing UI for all platform and all size devices. Actually, Google faces some issues regarding the limitation of Flutter so Google’s team strive to make it limitless rather than just compatible with the mobile devices i.e. Android and iOS platform.

Should This Step Elevate Flutter Popularity:

Yes! Without any doubt, Flutter 1.5 surely elevate the popularity of Flutter in terms of usability, reach to every device and every possible platform. As Google expands the Flutter area as just mobile specific UI design and app development to multi-platform. The updated version should be used as a multiplatform framework by the most developer for creating UI and app development. So Flutter spread its wings for fly beyond the mobile only platform.

Top Highlights of Google I/O 2019 Keynote:

Google I/O stands for Google input & output with the slogan “Innovation in the Open”. It is a developer conference held annually by Google. This conference is all about the new services and latest product launching event, it also gives some hints about how Google shaping toward future planning. This year also act the same punchlines and Google announce several features, latest tech, new products, and services.

  • More power and personalization for Google Assistant, Google announced the updated version of Google Assistant that works 10 times faster than the current version. Also, it offers more personalised info like book a taxi, organized calendar, and send messages.

Google I/O 2019

  • Incognito mode for Google search and Google maps. Google strikes on the privacy for the user’s data, they cruses Facebook quote “Future is private” to Google’s “Present is private”.
  • Android Q dark mode confirmed for all Android users, many rumours are bubbling about the Android Q and dark mode is one of them. In the I/O Keynote, Google confirmed the dark mode feature in the upcoming Android version.
  • Google Nest Hub Max is the most awaited smart home product, Google announced the updated version of Home Hub. It comes with 10 inches size with improved speaker and better camera.
  • Google also announced it’s latest smartphone Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Pixel phone is always high on the rates and that feels users so this time Google cut the price with some less feature.

In A Nutshell

Google I/O 2019 not so surprising in the result but very valuable in depth. We talk about the Flutter and it’s expanding area towards the multi-platform framework. Now developers can use Flutter for creating projects in mobile app, web and embedded devices. Google assistant, Pixel 3a, and Google Next Hub Max have highlighted announcement in the annual developer’s summit. As Flutter expand its usability, now making an application with Flutter is also more reliable and robust touch. If you are also looking to create a business app with the cross-platform feature, then we are the only one you can rely on. Acquaint SoftTech is a leading Flutter app development company USA with the most satisfied clients. Feel free to drop your inquiry at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. If you find something amusing in the post, then keep SHARING this piece of content with your colleagues.