AI ChatBots: What Are Chatbots & How Does It Work?


Let’s assume, you ordered something from online and wanted to return, what will you do, talk to customer care or place inquiry in the live chat room, the person on the other end will solve your issues, but are they all humans? Not all customer service and live chat assistance are humans, most of them are ChatBots. A virtual Robot that can speak, chat and give the most accurate answer to the users. The Bots specially developed to serve as online assistance, the virtual assistant for a brand. Being a leading mobile app development company, we are well acquainted about chatbots and their importance in business. In this particular post, we are jumping in the area of AI chatbots to identify what are chatbots and how does it work.

What Is Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are one of kind robot that used as a virtual agent or virtual assistance of any brand. Its full name is chatterbots and also known as IM Bot, intelligent Bots, AI conversion bots, talking bots or Artificial conversation entity. Actually, Chatbots are a computer program design for human conversation mimic. They are supposed to give a reply in text, audio or both format, chatbots are designed to respond on users query without disclose identity as a human or virtual robot.

What AI Techniques Are Used In ChatBots

There are two techniques used in developing chatbots, Custom and NLP or AI. First one is custom chatbots, one of the kind chatbots that follow scripted instruction with some limitation. Custom chatbots are widely used in website popups, they are specially designed to cater services, Use for track visitors information, and support like a chat expert. They follow the basic coding structure and common architecture loop. Just drag, install plugins and basic chatbots are ready to use.

The second type is AI or NLP based chatbots. NLP stands for Natural language processing, that simply means a language which collaborates between machine language and humans. AI full form for artificial intelligence, it is very much popular since widely used in most tech gadgets and personal assistance like AI chatbots. It is an advanced version of traditional chatbots, it gives quick soothing experience in which users don’t recognize either they talking with human being or chatbots. AI chatbots are mostly used in personal virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortona, and Dragon.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

How to Build A ChatBots And Design Loop Structure

AI chatbots are most advanced virtual assistance for your business, so it’s a plus point to have a chatbot. There are multiple options available for developing chatbots like free chatbots plugins, chatbot builder, or find a developer. For building a futuristic chatbot that would act as closer to the human being, follow the “3D” method. 3D means design, develop, and deploy, in design section you have to capture the image and look of chatbot cartoon faces are trending. While developing, choose a structure or question loop to perform script base Q&A. deploy and place it on preferred location like at the right-bottom corner of the website. Facebook messenger is also a good place chatbot.

Chatbot Builder: Most of the company used free or paid plugins for implementing chatbots, You are using it for your personal website use. It can help you out in customer service operator and personal virtual assistance so don’t be panic about offering 24*7 live support to your customer. Chatbots also can be useful for facebook messenger, they can give an automatic and most correct reply. So in the place of the live chat room, use chatbots to predict what will be the future of your business.

Benefits of Using Chatbots

  • Chatbot can communicate with multiple users at the same time, on the contrary, human assistance only handle 2 users at the same time.
  • People love to hear an instant reply for any issue, chatbot helps in this situation.
  • It elevates user experience and decreases the bounce rate of any website.
  • Develop once and use it everywhere, Simply drag the code and Chatbots are ready to use.
  • Social media is fun with AI chatbots, Facebook allows personal chatbots or virtual assistance on the messenger platform.
  • It helps in engaging the customer and support live chat even on weekends.

Disadvantage of Chatbots

  • Chatbots are a functional robot, they unable to answer those query which is not included in coding script or AI structure.
  • Chatbots required immense knowledge of the relevant audience and their requirement because that is the only way to improve the personal experience.
  • Lot’s of brainstorming required to find out the possible questions in the conversation of chatbot and visitor.
  • Usually, chatbot follows the loop structure, in that structure visitors are bored while communicating the second time.

Why Chatbots are so important for Your business

Many AI chatbots offer a remarkably authentic conversational experience, in which it’s very difficult to determine whether the agent is a human or a bot. So it takes a lead generator for your organization. This technology surely saves your time in giving the reply to a customer, also serve the best values in B2B and B2C sectors. For an Ecommerce business, a chatbot can show product rating, review on the selected product. Recently Starbucks design a chatbot for business purpose and their customer find it very helpful. This chatbot book order for food and solve the issue regarding their customer satisfaction. You can also develop a chatbot to give live support even on the weekend. Many popular brands adopt this trending technique to give the best customer support.

Top Brand ChatBots

Top Brand Using ChatBots Online

Here it is, chatbots are serving to the popular brand. Some of the technical gadgets and techno-friendly devices come with personal assistants like Siri, Google assistant, Roof AI, Amazon, and MI.

Difference Between Chatbots And Virtual Assistance

Chatbots and virtual assistant are pretty much the same in the area like natural language processing and intelligence. But there is a very thin difference between chatbots and virtual assistant. Chatbots are employed in businesses to serve the customer, to engage with visitors, solve the issues, track user’s information and make easy to get the inquiry. Chatbots have the limitation of usability, limitation of functionality because they follow a predefined loop.

On the other hand, Virtual assistance or personal assistant is a personal agent for individual users. It is used only in gadgets like Amazon Echo. Personal Assistance like Siri or Alexa used for voice assistance with giving automatic reply with the most accurate solution. For example, Google assistant is a personal voice assistant, that play music, call your friend, make the “TO DO” list and above all talk with users to kill the boredom.

Top Brand Using Virtual Assistant

  • Amazon – Alexa
  • Microsoft – Cortona
  • Google – Google Assistant
  • Apple – Siri
  • Samsung – Bixby
  • Nuance Communication – Dragon

In A Nutshell

It is often that Chatbots are very useful and valuable in business. It helps business in engaging and communicating with the customer. With the use of AI technology, chatbots turn more productive and profitable. Still, there is more improvement required in this technology to suggest an accurate reply to users. So create your own chatbots to engage and attract the audience in an interesting way. If you are looking to develop a website, then we are the right source. Acquaint SoftTech is a leading web and mobile app development company USA, India, so drop an inquiry right now. Feel free to discuss your idea with our expert at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. Keep SHARING this piece of content with your bestie.