How To Make An iOS App For Business Branding


Want to create an iOS app? Business owners always prefer iOS over Android, while crafting their online presence. Apple gains the reputation of the premium services provider, thus, the audience also acts like premium. Meanwhile, Android has more users but having a business app on the Apple App Store is awesome.

Being a leading iOS app development company USA we are well acquainted with the importance of iOS app for any business and app development tools. Therefore, we came up with a post containing how to make an iOS app for business branding. This piece of content recites the profitable idea behind the successful iOS app development.

In this particular post, we will jot down a list of most popular app categories in the App Store and free iPhone app maker, iOS app development software and latest tools. Entrepreneurs love to make headway with iOS for their online presence. It’s quite common nowadays for having own app on both mobile platforms i.e. Android & iOS.

How to create an iOS app

Things To Consider While Creating An iOS App?

Market Research

The market research is damn important for any kind of service, application, or product. It gives a rough estimate of iOS app development cost and overall time. One can evaluate the competition, understand the latest technology, and concrete future ideas just by making a market research. A business should go through the research for sustaining a huge competition.

According to Statista, “This statistic presents the frequency of browsing the app store among smartphone users in the United States as of July 2018, sorted by OS. During the survey period, 20 percent of responding to Android users stated that they browsed the app store on a daily basis. Only nine percent of iOS users stated the same”.

USA smartphone user app store browsing frequency

The market growth of both mobile operating systems shows the same. Undoubtedly, Android has the most number of users but the iOS increasing its user base and that makes the community open for business owners. The competitor strategy is also an important part of market research. You can follow the most popular iOS apps in your business category to find out the success mantra.

Choosing App Category

Having a futuristic app idea is not enough, it needs to be narrated well, otherwise, it gonna be worthless. Many times bloated apps with huge app promotions couldn’t make expected ROI. No matter how good your app looks like or work like if the app category is not relevant then nothing gonna help out.

Choosing the most popular app category is more important than having a bloated design. There are very similar stats in terms of the leading app categories in Android & iOS. Gaming apps having most downloads at the App Store and Play Store. Apart from the gaming apps, there are many more important categories i.e. Business App, Entertaining App and so on.

Most Popular App Category For App Store

      • Gaming App
      • Business (Professional Tools)
      • Education
      • Lifestyle
      • Entertainment (Music & Video Streaming Apps)
      • Utility Tools

Gaming apps have a share of 24% of the total apps on the Apple App Store. Hold on! The above statistics only represent the most popular app category which doesn’t mean other categories are useless or less profitable. Never force your app to fit in the irrelevant app category, focus on delivering the best solution instead of making unnecessary changes.

Cross-platform App Development

The idea of creating an iOS app is awesome but there is a condition of having need of Android app in the future. In that situation, you must be lost in the thought of creating another app with investing extra development costs and time. The cross-platform app development can help you out in that manner.

Cross-platform app development offers code reusability for creating the same apps for multiplatform. If you are looking to create a business app for iOS as well as Android then cross-platform is the best choice. The reason behind why every business app should choose cross-platform over native app development is it’s hot reload, fast development and cost-effective facilities.

Progressive Web Apps are an alternative to app development, one can turn their website into web apps. Web apps are heavily appreciated by the business owners because the process is faster than any app development and results look like a native app. But if you are targeting the iOS then there is a demerit of web apps. The push notification facilities of web apps are unable in Safari.

Astounding App UI Design

We all are concordant on the point that every Apple products bring the best designs. The iOS continue the glory by offering simple but effective UI design for iPhone users. Meanwhile, Apple’s audience expects the same UI design from third-party apps. Therefore, your business app should match the criteria and standard of users’ expectations.

In concise, the first thing that users gonna check out in your business app is mobile app UI design. Make sure to craft the best design for your dream app. Good design is a combination of simplicity and appealing content, so try to bring appealing design. The concept of creative but effective design recites the important conversation rate of users.

Latest iOS App Development Software

To win any war, you must have sharpened weapons, the same goes for app development. If you are looking for creating a winsome app then iOS app development software or we can say the latest iOS app development tools are important. There are several types of app development software which include frameworks, design tools, development tools, QA testing and so on.

      • Xcode – IDE for creating apps for iOS, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
      • AppCode – JetBrains product used for creating hassle-free iOS apps
      • CodeRunner – IDE that helps bolster to boost the app development.
      • MockingBird – Programming tool for wireframing and sketching.
      • Testflight – QA testing tool specially design for iOS apps.
      • Applyzer – Tool for checking app position on the App Store & iTunes.
      • Firebase – A kind of BaaS, providing solutions for backend code

Monetize & App Promotion Method

Apps require a concocting plan for generating revenue. Many business owners wish to create a business app just for online presence, in that case, revenue not matters. Somehow if you are looking to monetize app then you can follow some basic tactics as mentioned below.

Monetize Methods For Any Business App…

      • Paid or Free Application
      • Freemium App (Free + Premium features)
      • In-App Purchases
      • Advertisement (Text, Video, Carousel)
      • Sponsored Content & Ads

Every business app must go through the app promotion because your business audience has to know about your new online appearance. The basic thing is to place a call to action button at your business website header. Another thing is social media promotion, promote your app on social media pages, content promotion and so on. Referral methods are popular nowadays, you can also leverage by offering coupons or discounts on services.

iOS App For Business Branding

How To Make An iOS App For Business Branding

Phew! The best part of this piece of content. For creating an iOS app for business branding, there are several ways. It’s all up to you, you can make your business app by using free iPhone app maker tools, hiring freelancers developer or choosing the suitable iOS app development company.

Free iPhone App Maker

Hmm! There are many free iPhone app maker tools that claim for the best output. App builder offers static themes and templates, therefore, creating a custom app with a free iPhone app maker is not possible. Hardley few app builders satisfy the customers, that’s why they are not considered a good choice for the business app.

Freelancing iOS app developers are also not suitable for crafting complex or dynamic app. Indeed, hiring freelancers can reduce overall development costs but the same you can’t expect any masterpiece from them. In a concise, free iPhone app maker or freelancer iPhone app developers not suitable for any business app.

Hire iOS App Development Company

A reputed iOS app development company can make your dream app as you desire. Hiring the best iOS app development company USA is a challenging task because of the sea of IT companies. If you want to create a profitable iOS app for business, then we are the right source.

Acquaint SoftTech holds a reputation for providing the best iOS app development services USA with a vast portfolio. Our dedicated iOS developers work against the clock to meet client expectations. Our team always revere to the client idea, that’s why we ended every project in minimal time and perfection.

The best part of hiring a company like Acquaintsoft is complete solutions from wireframing to QA testing. If your app stumbles on the app store, then we support apps even after the project was done. Drop your dream idea at [email protected] or call at 1 773 377 6499. Feel free to discuss your business app idea with our experts.

In A Nutshell

The idea of creating an iOS app for a business app is profitable but it should be well narrated. In this piece of content, we discussed iOS app development software tools, free iPhone app maker, and how to make an iOS app for business branding. We discovered the most popular app category for the App Store and jot down the list of features for the business app.