How Much Does It Cost To Make A Fitness App


Want to lose weight? Stay fit is a challenge for every one of us. Maybe you are fat or fit but you intend always towards fitness. That’s why “30 days fitness challenge for beginners” is so popular. The fitness industry is investing booming in recent years because everybody wants to look great and in the shape.

People often search for the best fitness app 2019 or the best fitness apps for Android. Fitness is the most popular term in the youth, that’s why many entrepreneurs invest in this industry. Creating your own fitness app is also a profitable idea. But… But there is not as easy as it looks like, you have to research the market and other factors before building apps.

To jot down every bit of the best fitness apps, we are coming with this piece of content. In this article, we will discuss how much does it cost to make a fitness app, best fitness app 2019, full fitness app review, and tips on how to build a fitness tracking app. In concise, there are several things to know before creating fitness apps.

Best Fitness App 2019 For Android/iOS

    • Nike + Run Club (For outdoor cardio)
    • FitBod (For Weightlifting)
    • Yoga Studio (Yoga & Mind)
    • She’s Tough (Women Oriented App)
    • HeadSpace (For Meditation)

Fitness App Features

What Makes A Good Fitness App (Features & Ideas)

Fitness app doesn’t bound in just tracker app like steps tracker, calories burned or body measurement. Most of the time fitness apps only offer physical but as we know the fitness is a vast term that includes mental health, physical fitness and so on.


Geolocation enable functionality is a must for dynamic fitness app, it can track the daily steps, locate the position, and many more. For apps like running, calorie counting and body measurement, geolocation is the necessary feature.

User Profile:

“User Profile” is the place where users spent their maximum time. The best part of any app is user-profiles and its easy features. The user profile is the only reason that makes any app personalized for users. If the user’s profile looks attractive and appealing then the audience gonna glued with your app. All in all, focus on the better user interface and app design to make the best layout to craft a better user profile.

Push Notification:

Push notifications are the most important part of any kind of mobile apps. In-app push notifications can remind users about personal goals, workout time, also it can motivate them. The push notification actually insists users for the opening app. In short, a notification can be treated as calls to action for a fitness app.

Push notification can use for suggesting nutrition, diet plan, calories and lots more. To create a catchy push notification, use appealing copywriting and suitable emoji in the notification. Also, don’t overdo it, otherwise user gonna block the notification.

Social Sharing:

Social media is the biggest platform for attention seekers and marketing. People love to share their results with friends and family. Allow users to do the same, use a social sharing option in the app while user’s complete any goal or result. They happily share the result and indirectly your app promotes for free. Cool isn’t it?

Compatible With Music Streaming & Wearables

A users will appreciate and glued with a fitness app if it offers users to personalize music streaming. Generally, users have to open two apps, one for tracking and other for the music. It’s gonna be a USP for any fitness app. On the contrary, wearable products are gaining attention.

We all are concordant on the point that wearable products (smartwatch, VR) need to track calories and steps via mobile apps. Therefore, somehow your app offers connectivity wearable and music streaming, then it’s the best of both worlds for users.

Fitness Tracking App

How To Build A Fitness Tracking App (Do & Don’t)

Creating your own workout app is always as challenging as getting fit. This is not a cakewalk to create the best fitness app for Android or iOS. There are several things to consider before creating a fitness app. So here we are revealing the truth behind how to build a fitness tracking app.

Market Research

No matter if you are building a fitness app or any other product, market research is a must. It offers an estimate of the development cost and helps to decide the future of apps. Market research can solely tell you how long your own fitness app gonna survive in the cut-throat competition.

Latest Technology

To create something futuristic, your app has to be compatible with the latest technology. The best fitness apps for Android or iOS must leverage the best technology in the market. Technology such as geolocation, goal achiever, perfect tracking system and music streaming suggestion is must required.

Monetize Model

The best part of any app is its revenue model. If an app is an instant hit but unable to make a handsome ROI, then it’s gonna be worthless for owners. The main question is “How to make a fitness app profitable?” The art of endorsing customers and making profits is somewhat every entrepreneur striving for.

There are several ways of generating revenue from a fitness app.

      • Paid Application
      • Freemium App (Free + Premium features)
      • In-App Purchases
      • Advertisement (Text, Video, Carousel)
      • Sponsored Content & Ads

The Freemium app is the best choice for any fitness app. You can provide a basic version(free) of the app with the least features. Later on, encourage your users to try premium features with full control of the app. Referal methods are also booming in marketing tactics.

Hire Mobile App Development Company

To make headway, you must be aware of the partners. A mobile app partner which can offer the best mobile application development services, futuristic approach with the latest technology at an affordable cost. If you are looking to create a dream app, then we are the best source.

Acquaint SoftTech is a leading mobile app development company USA having vast expertise in the same niche. Our dedicated developers are inquisitive as well as stubborn to craft something beyond the expectation. Our supercharged team crafted several fitness apps and proudly all of them are successful.

Craft Astounding Design For Fitness App

The mobile app UI design is the most appealing segment in fitness app creation. No matter how good your app works like or comes with bloated features, if the design is not appealing, then it’s gonna be a disaster. Design always speaks about the brand and works for the users, so craft something that can turn traffic into potential users.

Easy and appealing mobile app UI design always plays a major role in making an app successful. To create the best UI UX design, try to evaluate competitors’ apps. You can get ideas from the leading fitness app such as Nike fitness club, Headspace, and MyFitnessPal.

Our creative mobile app UI designers always revere the client’s vision to make a masterpiece. One of our successful fitness app She’s Tough got so much appreciation for the attractive design. Our designers are working against the clock to craft something engaging as well as appealing. All in all, it’s time to create your own fitness app with us.

Fitness App Development Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Fitness App?

The possible question from your side, how much does it cost to build a fitness app? It’s very unfair to estimate app development cost without knowing the actual source. It’s like shooting in the dark, so all we can provide is to a rough estimate. There are several factors that decide or affect overall development cost.

The fitness app needs to store data and other private information, thus, app security is always a concern. It takes native app developers with backend support. The fitness app needs to be bug-free to perform live tracking, therefore, it requires QA testing support.

In concise, you need to a perfect app development partner which can create a winsome fitness app, craft attractive and easy UI design, QA testing with backend support. The cost varies on app complexity, security authentication, design, development time, and platforms.

The overall development cost of the fitness app relies on the total time and numbers of developers include in the project. Likewise, project timing also depends on several factors such as various features, platform(iOS/Android), latest tools technology and app templates design.

The rough cost estimate of any fitness app depends on

      • Development Cost
      • Design Cost
      • Project Management
      • Quality Assurance
      • Technical Documentation
      • Overall Development Time

In A Nutshell

While wrapping up, one thing is very clear that your app must encourage users to pull off the couch and burn calories to stay fit (motivation matter). Your fitness app should be compatible with the basic features like step tracker, geolocation, profile, and so on. Wearable products are booming in the market, thus, your app must connect and collaborate with them easily.

In this article, we discussed the best fitness apps 2019 for Android and iOS, fitness app name generator, and free fitness app templates. Also, we reveal how much does it cost to make a fitness app, how to build a fitness tracker app, and its features.

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