Top 8 Information Technology, IT Trends That Will Define 2018


IT world is spinning with full force, moving at a speed of lighting, bringing about a lot of changes and new innovations every now and then.

2017 was a year of new interesting technologies which will undoubtedly scale further new heights this year as well, as such is the advancement of technology. The sale of smartphones, smart speakers, virtual reality, data security or artificial intelligence etc. saw an incredible rise in 2017. But this is not all as these can be a turning point for bigger things to come.

So let’s see those giant fishes of the IT ocean that hold the potential to create big waves in the year of 2018.

1. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

One that is rising rapidly and spreading almost in every sector is AI. Artificial intelligence (AI), largely manifesting through machine learning algorithms, isn’t just getting better. Though now it still lacking proper funding, it has been incorporated in many fields and is starting to make an appearance in almost every new platform, app, or device which will significantly see a rise in 2018. It will soon make its presence in new startups and new tech companies from driverless cars to AI chatbots in the present year.

Machine Learning

5G preparation

2. 5G preparation

We are now habituated to everything quick and instant nowadays and the coming generation wants even faster services than now. Very soon we all will be using a 5G network in place—with 5G phones. Almost 10 times faster than 4G, 5G internet may make an appearance most probably by the end of 2019. Imagine the speed of streaming content and internet access when 5G will run on our 5G supporting phones. So, gear up for a new generation of the internet as that day is not so far.

3. White collar automation

With machines getting smarter day-by-day, the day is not so far when machines will replace humans. It has already started in some parts of the world due to the advancing AI technology. Robots are taking place in various sectors like hospitals, household, military and so on, soon they will be everywhere. Though it won’t happen all of a sudden in 2018, this year may see a rise in their population though. We know it’s naïve to think that jobs will be fully replaced, but they will be more heavily automated and so intellectual that we’ll have to adapt our careers accordingly as they will be the preferable choice and not us humans.

White collar automation

Augmented Reality

4. Augmented Reality

AR is the buzzword in the world today and the way it is succeeding, it is definitely going to boom this year. With tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple embracing Augmented Reality we are all awaiting the first AR apps in the present year. Everything from smartphones and laptops to gaming consoles and medicine will see this technology to play a big pivotal role. 2018 is the year that AR will stretch out into a new direction, bringing a lot more people into the game. But instant success is not assured – building revenue takes time, and it will take time to determine which AR platform takes the market share.

5. Internet of Things (IoT) & Blockchain Revolution

With everything around us becoming smart, 2018 will surely witness a further rise in the use of mobile devices to manage smart gadgets and interconnected devices like smart doors, smart locks and smart cars with your smartphones. The IoT (Internet of Things) has already entered the next stage of business and the road ahead is sharp and clear as well. The combination of IoT and Blockchain technology will be the center of focal attention in 2018. Cryptocurrency will slowly become a part of our daily life in the coming years. The blockchain influence will expand and transform the Internet of Things with a reduction in the risk of hacking as the data will be stored across a chain of millions of computers.

Blockchain Revolution

UI design Trends

6. UI overhauls

The UI design landscape is changing really fast. And, to stay competitive, a lot of UI design trends are coming up with improvements in user’s interaction with apps and devices. Desktop devices are becoming less and less used while the usage of mobile apps is shooting up. New types of visuals and more audible clues will likely be included in next-generation UI, and consumers will adapt to them quickly, so long as they serve their core needs.

7. Quantum Computing

There is no doubt the computers are working at a lightning speed, but, the overall efficient progress in the silicon technology sphere, has slowed down. Which is why the next generation of computers, Quantum computers will emerge, bringing about a new wave in computer technology. In comparison to conventional computing methods which depended on the binary system, Quantum computers, on the other hand, are based on qubits, which operate according to two key principles of quantum physics: superposition and entanglement. This will help them find a solution directly without having to beat around the bush with possible negative answers.

Quantum Computing

Foldable SmartPhones

8. Foldable SmartPhones

We all know how mobile devices are undergoing changes at every second. No sooner will see a great innovation in mobile devices with foldable smartphones. Such phones with foldable displays will allow designers and scientists to make innovations beyond imagination. Smartphones will become compact and more portable if they are folded. There are already rumors of Samsung launching one such foldable device this year.


Though Information Technology Trends are always evolving, these were the few ones that will bring about a tremendous change in the year 2018, which we can only wait and watch. So, what do you think about IT trends 2018? Share your thoughts and reviews on our Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin pages.