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Leaving your comfort zone, when you migrate to a new company, things can be a bit nerve-racking no matter how experienced you are. But if you find a family giving you a warm welcome on your first day, that becomes your comfort zone the very moment, isn’t it? That’s Acquaint, that’s us.

From the first to farewells, from freshman to veterans, from crisis to celebrations, from failures to success, everything, everyone is embraced unitedly. accepted whole-heartedly.

Happiness is always in the air…
The best part of the organization is the flow of fun while working. Giggles and laughter sprout anytime at any corner. We don’t have documented work culture here, it’s the each member of Acquaint that make up a lively and enjoyable environment.

Building smiles with weekend vibes…
Weekend at Acquaint keeps you out of Monday blues as the fun stays so long. Games and activities bring out the individual talents as well excellent teamwork on the floor.

Feast, festivals, and fervor…
Our lunchtime is no less than a grand feast as we eat together as a family. Being foodies and party animals, birthdays, festivals, achievements, every occasion is celebrated here.

Making a difference with small efforts…
We may not be able to change the entire society but with tiny efforts like blood donation, tree plantation, donation, etc., we try to do whatever we can, with what we have.

Knock knock! Who’s there? – Opportunity!
Every project is a challenge here and so one gets a chance to explore something new every day. The number of skills shoots up once you become a member of Acquaint family.

All for one and one for all…
We come, share, work and succeed together. We are a bunch of fun, dynamic and empowered heads who are dedicated developer to helping all of us succeed.

Find all that you were looking for? Seems like the workplace you always wanted? Then get ready to sail on this exciting Acquaintship!

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Acquaint SoftTech Working Environment



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The perks of being an Acquaintian


Since the majority of the waking workweeks are spent in an office, we believe that such a workspace must give some positive vibes for an employee to jump out of bed and show up at the office with a pleasant smile. We, at Acquaint, make sure your those personal hours that you devote to us is cared and appreciated back. And so, these are the benefits that we offer to perk up our team.

  • Flexi-hours & leaves
  • Complete healthcare
  • Time off when you need it
  • Work from anywhere
  • Employee & family investments
  • Entertainment & celebrations
  • Insurance & savings
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Rewards & recognitions
  • Food & tons of teas n coffees
  • Trips & leisure activities
  • Learning opportunities