Mobile Apps: Top 3 Sign Indicates Your Business Need A Mobile App


Mobile apps are trending in next-gen marketing, it’s become a basic essential to sustain in the digital era. Big business brand and small startups are on the same boat while addressing their services through a mobile application. Being a mobile application development company USA, UK, we are well acquainted about business digitalization and have a precise reason for why your business needs a mobile app. A website is may be good for your business requirement but after several years, it will only a showcase for you. In this particular article, we are spouting some sign that indicates why you need a mobile app for own business.

A Website Is Enough For Your Business? Break The Comfort Zone…

So you are the one who afraid from the bring into the twenty-first century, Afraid from the modernization in own business, you just want to stay in comfort zone, then why worried for competitors and cut-throat competition, they are always ahead from you. Your lazy business approach towards improving will put you behind the times. Many times business owners don’t take mobile apps seriously, they satisfied with their business web portal. But if you want to go the extra miles in business then quickly plan for a mobile app.

Benefits of Owning Mobile Apps

Better User Interface

While every company consider a customer-centric approach as their priority, therefore, they working on the easy and attractive user interface. As we all know mobile apps are far away in the terms of user interface compare to the website. Mobile apps have the capability to perform better with attractive UI and user-friendly UX. To jump on the bandwagon, you have to think about owning a mobile app.

Accelerate Customer Range

We all are concordant on one point that mobile apps are trending in the IT industry just because of huge users and a vast possibility of scope. According to statista, the total number of app download worldwide was, 178.1 billion in 2017 and this stats will cross 258.2 billion in 2022. This statics of mobile apps download clearly shows people love to scroll internet on mobile apps rather than a website. So to increase the range of the customer, mobile apps are probably the best tricks you have.

Benefits Owning Mobile Apps

Increase Brand Loyalty & Visibility

It’s very clear that every business owners wants to expand their growth, so they strive to develop a handsome mobile application. It helps them to expand visibility on the digital platform, and this approach increases brand loyalty in the customer’s mind. To clear the doubt, let assume a customer search your brand app on the app store but can’t find anything, it means he will lose the trust factor on your brand. So keep in mind that a mobile app increases brand loyalty and visibility.

Why Your Business Need A Mobile App

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Engaging & Appealing Marketing

There are many marketing tactics available like e-mail marketing, social media campaign, SMS marketing, newspaper advertisement but in all mention marketing tools, there are always some barriers between customers and business, Also customers have to take few initial steps. Mobile apps are capable of direct B2C communication. If a business wants to introduce new services or cater eye-catching offers they don’t need to advertise, they just use push notification and remind customers about products rest part relies on mobile apps. It allows business owners to land on customers smartphone via notification.

Identify Real Users By Secure Method

Mobile purifies only real users, there is a number of next-gen technology to identify users loyalty and reality i.e. fingerprint, retina-identification and biometrics. In the website, we have to add captcha to check whether it is a human being, bot or crawlers. Websites are also a possibility for the attacker or hack in meanwhile, but with the advanced mobile secure method, a mobile application is safe & secure for customers.

USP For Small Business

Mobile apps are still rare in numbers while we talking about small business or startups. You will notice that only a few shops and small business owners have attractive mobile apps i.e. a coffee shop, men’s saloon or emerging startup. It could be a USP for small business, customers also find it very helpful and engaging. It is very attractive and appealing marketing tools for every business category.

Top 3 Sign That Indicates Your Business Need A Mobile App

Mobile Traffic To Your Website

The first and foremost sign is website traffic. If your websites getting maximum traffic from mobile users, then it simply means that it is the right time to develop a mobile app for own business. We all are concordant on one point that maximum internet users are coming from mobile devices because it’s easy to scroll internet through smartphones. Make a blueprint of your visitors with online tools and keep following their region and devices, it will help you to examine website traffic. The increasing number of mobile devices visitors always a win-win situation for business owners.  

Visitors Age Range & Niche

Visitors age range is also a sign for you. If you are gaining maximum visitors from 18 to 35 age range that means your visitors are most possibly mobile friendly or we can say addicted to smartphones. Somehow you know the traffic behaviours, let’s create a mobile app to engage all visitors and allow your customers to glued with your app. If your business has an alluring mobile app means it can easily elevate your business growth. Niche is definitely the foundation of every business, so if your business niche is youth-oriented or technical, then you have to plan for a mobile app to make headway.

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Competitors Strategy

The most underrated reason why any business needs a responsive app is a detailed study of your competitors. For always ahead of the curve, you need to examine your competitor’s strategy and their efforts of improvements. If competitors are not much aware of new technology and the next-gen application, then it is the right time to make a move. If they already have mobile apps then don’t get the panic, plan for better UI/UX based mobile apps to appeal the customers towards your business. There are several other signs that force you to develop a robust mobile app like regular website crash, high bounce rate on the website, customers facing issues regarding websites structure and so on.

How To Develop A Profitable Mobile App?

The possible question from your side, somehow you are agreed to develop a mobile app, but the next query is how to develop it. There is two option to choose the right platform and the right way of resource. When we talk about the right platform, there is always Android and iOS stands perfectly. You have to decide which platform suits your business priority and requirement. Android is good for taking the baby step in mobile apps but still, if you have a good number of iPhone visitors, then iOS is the best steps towards profitable mobile apps.

There is two option for developing a responsive application, the first one is hiring a freelancer app developer and the second is to hire mobile app development company. Benefits of hiring a company are very valuable to compare to the individual developer. It is all up to you, which platform you like to choose, how you actually want to develop the application.

In A Nutshell

Phew! It’s very tuff to move on new technology, but according to the latest trend and requirement, every business needs a mobile app. It helps in brand loyalty, brand visibility, increase customer range, direct B2C communication and many more. If your business requires a profitable app, then we are the only one you can rely on. Acquaint SoftTech is a renowned mobile application development company US and cater a bespoke solution in the shape of mobile app development services. Have a futuristic idea then feel free to talk with our expert. Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. Keep SHARING this piece of content with your colleagues.