Nothing To Beat The Holiday Blues At Acquaint SoftTech


Surprises are good, right? And on holidays if you get gifts, then it becomes a cherry on the cake. What if someone has kept a gift for you at the desk? Oh… Sorry, that was a Secret Santa!

At Acquaint SoftTech, we celebrate every festival in the coolest way like a family does… but this time plans are something special. We celebrated Christmas and New year throughout the whole week. Working at AcquaintSoft is like fun that’s why there is no reason to beat the holiday blues.

Christmas spot on December 25 as a religious and social festival among billions of individuals around the globe. Christmas Day is an open occasion in a significant number of the world’s countries, is commended religious by a greater part of Christians, just as socially by numerous non-Christians, and structures a vital piece of the holiday season revolved around it.

Time To Celebrate!! Christmas Comes But Once A Year

new year and christmas celebration at Acquaintsoft

As mentioned earlier, we celebrate every festival in the office but Christmas is something special because it brings holiday blues. We all are concordant on the point that Christmas is incomplete without Santa and gifts. At Acquaint SoftTech, our HR department decided to make this day more exciting with Secret Santa.

“Just like Christmas itself, Secret Santa is meant to bring colleagues closer together, and promote a team spirit. Our team members are the most prized asset for Acquaint SoftTech and I am proud to have the coolest team.”

Mukesh Ram, CEO & Founder, Acquaint SoftTech

Hurray! Tis The Season To Be Jolly With Secret Santa

The day before Christmas, our HR team organized Secret Santa, where colleagues have to give gifts to each other but anonymously. HR team ensures that everyone should actually know how to play Secret Santa. This may sound obvious, yet it’s the truly coherent spot to begin.

So, the HR team jot down a list of every employee and put their names in a bowl. Everybody at that point draws out a name, and it’s their duty to purchase a present for that individual. The twist is that the entire thing is mysterious, so you won’t realize who purchased your gift (however you’ll get the fulfillment of seeing your ‘giftee‘ open yours).

New Year office celebration

The whole team was very excited as well as confused at the same point. Wooo! Whisper sound turned into the loud, everybody lost in the thought about the perfect gifts. The Acquaint team always strives to go beyond their skills in order to do something creative, but secret Santa completely different for us. We dreamed about the colleague’s personalities, individuals’ interests, like-dislike, and moreover their hobbies to plan perfect gifts.

A Gift For You, You Don’t Know Who. Must Be Secret Santa

Acquaint Secret Santa office celebration

What if someone put a gift at your desk? Hmm! Sound exciting! Right… The same goes for the Acquaintians. The Secret Santa gift exchange is a great way to brings the thanks spirit of the holiday season without naming yourself as the gifter.

Phew! What a great way to start the day. Everybody smiling, blushing, and singing Christmas carols while opening their gifts. At first, our team surprised with the gifts and Christmas cards, later on, everyone kept guessing about their secret Santa. Developer trying to decode their anonymous gifter but nobody in the mood to disclosed names.

The highlight of the secret Santa is the efforts and spirit of individuals. While you might be obsessed with purchasing, remember that you will get a gift also and that somebody might be putting a similar idea and effort as you are into picking something. Likewise, the Acquaint team politely and graciously received surprise gifts.

Acquaintians played a “Secret Santa” in the office. We exchange gifts, chocolates, surprises, Christmas cards, delicious lunch, and play games throughout the day. Moreover, it brings lots of fun & happiness at Christmas.

Nothing To Beat The Holiday Blues Til New Year

There is nothing to call boring at Acquaint SoftTech, employees are treated as family members. Our team not in the mood to stop the celebration so we kept the plans underway for the office party throughout the whole week. Our new year resolution plans can be changed future but our bond always remains the same.

While we are celebrating the festive season, our management team announced an office tour of Matheran. (Woo! Chilling sound) Excitement on the seven skies, everybody started to build their castle on the air. So, our next headway will super cool and beautiful destination of Maharashtra. Till then, enjoy the holidays…

Over To You

A new year is a time to invite happiness in life, and we have concocting plans for the celebration. In the end, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Acquaint SoftTech wishes your every dream becomes true this year, Enjoy The Fullest…

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