All excited Acquaintains gathered at the decided spot on time and our road trip commenced with a loud applause. Since the night was still young and so were we, the combined energy of everyone soon was flowing out in the form of music rivalry, Antakshari. Snacks popped open and soon everyone was munching and exchanging food, pulling each other’s legs, cracking jokes and so on. At last, when our eyes started drowsing, we decided to get some sleep so as to enjoy to the fullest the next morning at Jaisalmer.

We opened our eyes to the majestic golden hues of the sand. The sky began to explode with blended tones of rosy pinks and sandy yellows and the chilly breeze washed away all our weariness within a moment. Nothing can soothe your soul in such a scenario than a piping hot cup of tea and since each one of us was an ardent chai lover, we began our Jaisalmer adventure with a small tea party. We reached our rooms, rested a bit and soon all gathered for breakfast as no one was in a mood to stay indoors.

After, treating our tummies, our Day 1 was ‘Mission – Desert National Park.’ The runway between Jaisalmer city and the desert park was so beautiful that it gave us goosebumps imagining how enchanting the park would be then. It was almost noon and nature’s delight was so magnetic that we couldn’t resist and so we stopped our cars in between and decided to take the scrumptious lunch, Thepla, and Sukhi Bhaji which our HR Madhuri had packed for all of us.