PWA : How To Convert Your WordPress Website Into Progressive Web App


As the title of this post already defines the theme of content. If you are reading this piece of content that means you want to create an app for own websites or just roaming in search of some information about this topic. Creating an attractive app is always a dream for all of the website owners, just because mobile users are kept increasing in number and to grab the attention of visitors, a website is not enough. What if we announce, you can also make an app without having technical knowledge. Hmm! You heard it right… We are talking about a progressive web app, an advanced form of responsive websites that look like an astounding application.

What Is PWA And How To Redeem It

Progressive web apps is an advanced form of a website, it is very closer to the application but not a native app. The best things about PWA is they are easily open with slow internet speed. Page loading speed is less than 3 sec. The advantage of converting your website into PWA app, Owners can access to send notification on users smartphones cool, isn’t it?

Is Your Website Eligible To Transform Into PWA

Here are some of the must do keynote before developing or launching PWA apps.

  • Websites with HTTPS Licence
  • Built with Google guideline
  • Unique Url for every web page
  • Meta Data for Home Button
  • Responsive Theme for mobile users
  • Content Presentation According To App

How To Turn WordPress Website Into Progressive Web App

There are two ways to design progressive web apps, The first one is a little bit simple download WordPress for PWA. All PWA plugins allow instant transform of a website into PWA and most of them are free of cost. WordPress plugins are most suitable for an individual because it has limitation. Another way to turn WordPress website into Progressive web app is to hire Progressive web app development company and feel free about professional output. Both ways are acceptable in respective benefits so it’s all up to you.

WordPress Plugins To Develop PWA

There are some WordPress plugins to develop PWA in just 10 minutes. These Plugins are very easy to use, anyone can develop a PWA without having knowledge of coding, i.e. Super PWA, WP-AppKit, Progressive WordPress, etc. They are super cool, easy to install and most of the plugins are free. So it’s a win-win situation for every non-tech website owners, but good things have limitations. PWA plugins are good for personal use and it always on your fingertips but for an organization or emerging brand, these plugins are just worthless because of the limitation.

Progressive Web App Development Company

For professionally addressing your customer, you just want to develop your progressive web app like a pro. So choose the right company who cater best Progressive web design services. A renowned company like Acquaint SoftTech can easily transform your website into a beautiful PWA design. Benefits of hiring a progressive web design company are limitless, i.e. development according to your business, work is done in minimal time, support of expert developers, development under best designing team. Above all, You can create your dream app as you recite to the developers, A backend technical supports while your PWA stumble.

Reason Why You Should Turn Your Website Into PWA

While your competitors are stuck on the website and getting panic for drive traffic, you stand with diverse, looking unique, and engaging customer like never before. PWA is a way to become different from your competitors so keep this technology on the priority list.

It required immense planning and skill to develop an app for your app, you can try PWA as a beta version. Lots of brainstorming required to develop an app, need to find a suitable category, logo, marketing and many more. With PWA, you don’t need to launch it on the app store and no need to invest in marketing any app.

Users Engagement is the main factor to elevate your brand appearance, and PWA capable of it. With PWA you can send the push notification to inform about your new product, new post, new services to users. This feature engages users and appeals to the potential customer.

There is a contradiction about PWA just because many of tech freak guy assume that PWA can’t open with all web browser. But it can, While you are planning of developing brand new progressive web apps, keep in mind about its design and it’s responsive UI, Header, Menu Panel.

Limitation Of Progressive Web App Development

Limitation Progressive Web App Development

PWA Push Notification

Push notification is the main advantage of any application because it is the shortest path to reach on users mind. Leverage of this advantage force website owners to develop a productive application. But for iPhone users it has limitations. PWA doesn’t support push notification on Safari browser.

Customization Themes

The second limitation would be hurt you, PWA support custom theme but it can’t offer all feature as an app does. So you have to understand by yourself if you are developing web apps with this technology, there is a huge limitation in Themes.

Device Permission

Like every app permission policy, they can use a device camera, photos, and call detail to give a better user experience. With PWA you are not supposed to permit this. It only looks like an app, not a native app. So if your business needs this type of users information than go through the native apps.

Home Screen Icon

Every smartphone users invest their most time on the app which is placed at the home screen. That’s why every app automatically put a clone (shortcut) on the home screen. PWA doesn’t offer that type of features.

Offline Activity

“Progressive web apps are independent to the internet”, half of this sentence is truth and rest is false. PWA only run those offline pages which are open by users in past. All elements of PWA is not responsive for offline uses. Page speed of PWA is less than 3 sec and it can easily run with the poor internet connection.

In A Nutshell

While we are wrapping up, We all are concordant on one point that PWA suitable for every website owners who are looking to develop an app for own. It is always the best of both world situation if a website looks like an app, work like the app but still sustain without the use of any app store permission. If you are looking to design and develop a professional PWA website for your business, then Acquaint SoftTech is an apt destination. We are a renowned Progressive web app development company in USA, India crafting best design for PWA. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 773 377 6499. Hope this post serves you an ample knowledge towards your curiosity. Feel free to SHARE this piece of content with your colleague.