Recipe for a perfect website!


You might be thinking what’s in creating a www page? A web developer arranges the tabs, graphics, and contents, and done, it’s that easy. If you have this kind of perception about website development then, let us put some light on it. A website is not just an accumulation of web pages decorated with contents and designs, it’s a lot more than that. It is an art which is created with finesse and passion that becomes the identity for the one whom it is created for.

Website development is just like baking a special dish. Every ingredient in it must be balanced perfectly and up to the measure or else it can spoil its look and feel. A website is not just a platform to share the profiles and information about the company. It must create a connect to the people and keep them so engaged that it urges them to contact the company and avail their services. So, the question is how to create such an alluring website? Let’s see what all make a perfect website!

Study, understand and then create!

Since a website is the first impression, it should create a lasting effect. To design such a website, you must first study and understand the customer’s need and then design it. Only if you are clear about what you are designing, will then the people be able to understand it. So, leave no space for confusion.

Recipe for a perfect website!

website creativity

Decide a deadline to your creativity

To stand out in the competitive world, clients are always demanding only one thing, ‘It should be unique.” In the race to fulfill their wish don’t overdo your creativity. A website must be unique and attractive, but not confusing. Too much of creativity can turn     off the viewer. So, know when to stop and what to keep.

It should not get stuck at loading….

Whenever the term ‘loading…. ‘ flashes on the screen, people’s patience melts aways like an ice-cream. A website that loads fast make it to the heart of the viewer. The lesser the time your website takes, the longer will the readers stay.

website loading

Too much of anything is bad

Too much of anything is bad

Images and content both are necessary but don’t overfeed your website with it. Keep your content to the point, error-free, crux and clear so that anyone can understand what the website is all about. It will also help search engines categorize your website for appropriate keywords and phrases. Keep your images small so that the reader can download it easily if they wish to.

Easy navigation

Your website must take the reader to the relevant sections of the website. Don’t create a maze of links. If your navigation leads to dead ends, chances are the reader will navigate out of your website.

Easy navigation

build your network

Contact and network

For readers to reach you, provide all possible ways to contact you. Also, it’s good to build your network in all possible mediums. Maintain a blog and build a community, it will keep the reader re-visit your website as well as share it with others too.

Make good color choices

Give a good color scheme to your website. Colors have meanings and even they communicate. So, be aware of your color choices as using the wrong color can have the wrong connotation.

website color scheme

health of your links

Check the health of your links

Weak and broken links can spoil the interest of the reader. It shows a lack of maintenance by the owner of the website. Consider it in this way, why would anyone stick around a website that even the owner doesn’t care for? Check your links and update if necessary as it is possible that even if links were coded properly at the launch of the site, they may need to be updated to ensure they are all still valid.

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” great things need some time. Don’t be in a rush and create a bunch of web pages with a pile of images and content. Empathize what your client needs, define their requirements, ideate the best for them, give them a prototype of how their website will look like and design the best for them. Now that’s what make a perfect recipe for a website, in which we are an expert.