What is Web-Hosting?

In simpler terms, it a house where your site lives. It is a business that provides the technologies and services for your website to be accessible over the internet.

What is Self-Hosting then?

As the name says, it means all the responsibilities are on your shoulder. You have to take care of your server on your own. Right from maintaining to updating to fixing issues, you are the one-man army.

What about Pro-Hosting?

Professional Hosting means a third party i.e a company having a team of off-site experts will take care of your server completely. (Yes everything, maintenance, up-gradation, troubleshooting all).

Due to available easy-to-access open source platforms, anyone can host a website on their own. So, before you compromise on something for free, let’s understand the list of responsibilities that come along with self-hosting which you only have to look after and what makes pro-hosting different from it.

  • Shout out loud for help or pull your hair out, when you get stuck with some error while self-hosting, it’s up to you to find the error and solve it. While in pro-hosting there is constant support anytime your need.
  • You need to keep an eye on your server every now and then. What if an update gets missed? What if your server gets attacked? What if your backup plan backfires? Whereas you can relax, as such things will never bother you when the professionals take care of your web-hosting. They provide you reliable servers that won’t crash or take ages to load and are also well-maintained.
  • Security is the most concerned factor. A minor breach can bring your website down which will turn into a big blow to your business. If you think just an antivirus will protect your website for a lifetime, then you are wrong. For optimal server security, you need to run security audits, automatic updates, spam filtering, virus scans, and firewall configurations in a timely manner. Who possibly can do this job perfectly than the professionals.
  • 100 bucks or 99, which one would you prefer? Of course, 99 would be the answer. It’s the trick that our brain plays. We think 100 is a huge amount while 99 is cheap. Same is the difference between self and pro hosting. You think pro-hosting is costly while self-hosting is free but remember, it’s not permanently. You often need help and for that services, you are bound to pay. So in a way, it’s costing you.



Self-Hosting your website is not a bad option, but, it is not a good option either. You may feel it is a good and a new thing to learn and can manage all the load on your shoulder all your own, but, at some point, you will look out for a helping hand. Pro-managed hosting may look costly and unnecessary at the beginning, but its benefits are substantial for the long run. If your business is going to be dependent on the functionality of your website then, let a dedicated team of experts handle it for you.

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