Application Development

From mini to big screens, we tailor your application to fit anywhere

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Modernize your business with magnetic applications


Gone are the days when you were required to go door to door to familiarize your business. Now, you can reach your customers while resting on your couch. How? We, at Acquaint, have a set of seasoned programmers who fabricate smart and creative applications to boost your business that will be visible not just at one fingertip, but, all your 10.

Yes, we excel in both:


  • Our full stack developers play with codes and create flawless, feature-rich, secure and aesthetically pleasing websites.
  • We have a good command over different programming dialects and have the mastery to handle any framework, using any open source tools.
  • We don’t work underground. Your web applications will be developed with utmost transparency and you will always be in the loop due to our habit of seamless and friendly communication.
  • We love to go an extra mile when it comes to technology. So, you get an on-time delivery of a user-friendly, well-tested, secure, fast and stable web application that can easily sync with cloud services.


  • We craft such innovative and impressive mobile applications, where the user gets a totally different mobile experience at every tap.
  • We make compact, highly flexible and responsive applications that sail smoothly on any smartphone, without any breaks or pauses.
  • Our ninjas of iOS and Android put their best skills to use and develop extensive applications that will enhance your e-business to new levels.
  • Every project is precious and we treat them as our own, and so, we insure them with all security measures.