Rise of the 6 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018


Day by day, technology is surprising us innovations and within a blink of an eye, trends are evolving. There is no stoppage to the use of social media. Due to its changing features and adaptability, the count of users is rising progressively. Let’s sneak peak into the current social media marketing trends that are ruling the year.

Live streaming videos

1. Live streaming videos are the hot favorites

Video content is ruling the internet. Survey reports show that the pace with which the video traffic is increasing, it’s breaking all records of 2018. People find video content more appealing rather than the printed ones, which is why all social networking sites like Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and Twitter have launched their versions of live video streaming in November and December 2016, respectively, and has now become an everyday habit for all of us.

2. Chatbots to boost your customer relations

We all know that there is no other interactive media like social media. You won’t find such an instant reach and response anywhere else. The one which is trending now in the market that can multiply your customer reach is, Chatbots. It can make real-time engagement with the customers. Chatbots are used in the instant messaging apps, which are becoming the next big thing in content marketing. Since from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, we keep hanging around in Messenger, Whatsapp or any other messaging apps and so Chatbots can be used efficiently to provide 24/7 services to the customers.

Chatbots to boost your customer relations

Augmented Reality Features

3. Augmented Reality and smartphones

The rise of AR-feature has increased a lot in the past few years. With the emergence of new augmented reality experiences on smartphones, mobile traffic has exceeded the desktop traffic. Mobile marketing has become the new gripping trend, which is why a lot many social networks are planning to introduce new ways of integrating AR into their platforms.

4. Paid yet more personalized contents

The need for personalised content is in demand and so many of the businesses are turning into personalized content to connect to the customers. So, social media platforms are also coming up with retargeting trends, where the user can see personal posts or ads only that are more relevant to them. It will create a brand recall value and will touch the nerve of the audience prompting them to interact with the company more personally.

personalized contents

Popular social media platform

5. New trends, new competition

Though Facebook is still ruling the social media platform, there are other ones like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and much more which are not behind. It is crucial to have a watch over each other so as to understand the changes in the popularity of social networks which is essential to the marketers.

6. Social influencers are getting huge followers

People are withdrawing more from the traditional advertising and drawing more towards the social influencers. A lot of brands are forming influencers to construct credibility and trust to their audience. They are the group of people who have the authority, ability, or platform to influence a definite audience. Studies show 49% of Twitter users rely on recommendations from influencers only.

Social Media Marketing Trends


Virtual reality, augmented reality, live video streaming all have successfully created a buzz in the current market, showing a good impact on user engagement. To reach to the heart of the audience, it is necessary to interact with them personally and so social media is becoming more about people than the technology. So keep yourself updated and be open to new changes and trends to survive in this competitive world.

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