7 Things To Consider Before Creating Mobile Shopping Apps


Creating mobile shopping apps is always demands an immense understanding of the market because there are thousands of apps in the same category. Most popular industries such as fashion, lifestyle, grocery and so on. Investing in E-commerce is always profitable, but this needs to be well narrated, otherwise, it’s gonna be worthless.

There are several ways to invest in E-commerce but creating a mobile application is the most profitable one. The shopping trends now shifting from website traffic to mobile users, dependency on the smartphone insist many ideas for mobile app development. Mobile shopping apps only bring good ROI, if the process of app development and marketing is curate in the right manner.

Being a leading mobile app development company USA, we are well acquainted with the shopping apps and latest technology. That’s why we came up with this post containing 7 things to consider before creating a mobile shopping app. Apart from the important features, we will also discuss the top 5 mobile shopping apps, and the right ways to design the app UI.

We all are concordant on a point that people are crushes over the online shopping, it is easy, quick, and relevant for us. Most of the users love to shop for anything with their smartphones. Meanwhile, the importance of mobile shopping apps is increasing every year, which encourages many newbie app owners to collaborate their ideas with the E-commerce market.

Instead of building castles in the air, it will be good to talk about some bitter truths first. There are thousands of mobile apps in the shopping category with bloated design, so it is always tough to compete for a newbie. One should think about some USP that can make the app stand out. Here we go

Creating Mobile Shopping Apps

Must Things To Consider Before Creating Online Mobile Shopping Apps

1. Ideation & Market Research

This is the most common mistake by the stakeholders and newbie app owners. They refuse to brainstorm on the dream idea that leads them to craft just another shopping apps without having any USP. Market research is so important for any strategy, it helps in identifying the real competition and the project requirement.

Also, market research allows marking your right audience in a proper way. One must know about the target audience because the right audience gonna pay you back. If you have ample data about the audience, then it helps your marketing plan and content promotion.

How To Determine The Right Audience?

    • Identify which types of users are fit in your business model.
    • Find out the country and region for targeting.
    • Make sure your app hits the right Age Group.
    • Target Audience relies on the business type and services.
    • Research about competitor strategy and their audience.

While talking about the audience, there are mainly two types of users i.e. Informative and commercial. Commercial users are intended to buy products and informational audiences are coming just for resource gathering purposes. In concise, you should know well about your audience and what are the features you targeting for.

Ideation is the most important thing that every app owner should acquaint about. Optimize your app idea and services according to the target audience. Make sure your dream idea has the capability of resolving issues or give something new in the market.

Look, the App store is bloated with so many applications so try to give something new to users, you can provide a USP, new services, or better UI.

2. Mobile Commerce For Futuristic Approach

Internet traffics are jumping from the website to mobile apps, dependence on mobile devices pulls the audience to make shopping from mobile phones. The word “Mobile Commerce” means shopping via mobile devices. It is also known as M-commerce, which reflects the same meaning as E-commerce for mobile.

Our intent of talking about M-commerce is to become aware of the latest technology and market changes according to mobile devices. Many apps or website, redesign to perform responsive nature. Make sure your future app should compatible with the upcoming smartphones and their UI design.

Your Mobile Shopping App Should Compatible With

      • Latest Foldable Phone.
      • Notch Display Design (Water-Drop, Wide Notch).
      • Dark Mode UI (Android 10 & iOS 13).
      • Button Less UI.

While you’re creating a shopping app, keep the focus on the latest technology, and UI design. A little effort in the app UI/UX design format that can elevate the trust factor in the audience. Make sure the app should work smoothly with the different mobile screen sizes and various latest UI design technology.

Social Commerce is quite a different term from mobile commerce, social commerce is a new term that allows users for a marketplace experience at a social media platform.

3. Latest Mobile App UI Design Trends

As mentioned above, your app should compatible with the latest technology that shows a futuristic approach. Putting the latest app design trends in application always help you, it makes your app different from others. Also, new technology always makes your app unique. So, always leverage to latest mobile app UI design trends.

Latest Mobile App UI Design Trends of 2019

      • AR technology.
      • Chatbots.
      • Button Less UI.
      • Video + Motion UI
      • Animation Graphics

AR & VR are the two most interesting technology in 2019 and will continue in the next year. Augmented Reality is widely used in the shopping app for enriching the user experience. E-commerce is changing the way it presents products to the audience and AR technology is the main pillar of it.

AR technology for better user experience

Most popular online shopping Brand/App using AR technology for better user experience. Few are

      • Amazon App.
      • Target App.
      • Ikea Place.
      • Warby Parker.
      • Zeekit.

In concise, the AR technology can be your USP while making a shopping app. Amazon curates the better UX design using AR, ZeeKit an online fashion brand also leverage from the AR. The Gaming apps and online shopping app are the two app categories that widely use Augmented Reality for appealing their customers.

Chatbots are the most useful tool for improving customer engagement in your app. Chatbots and virtual assistants are the most favorable trends of 2019. Apple has Siri, Android has Google Assistant and Microsoft has its own Corona for better user engagement.

Why Chatbots are important in Shopping Apps?

        • Chatbots improve user engagement.
        • Provides quick & relevant response.
        • A better way to navigate app structure.
        • Engage new customers with instant reply.

One of our blogs contains detailed information about popular Chatbots and how to design chatbots. In short, chatbots are the cool alternatives of live-chat, because chatbots can communicate with multiple users at the same time. Brands like Pizza Huts, Spotify, Starbucks, MasterCard and many more using chatbots.

Buttonless UI is the next big thing in the mobile app UI design. Android 10 and iOS 13 will witness the new UI design without having use of the back button. The Android pie also shows the initiative towards the minimal use of the back button but now it will completely use this. Usually, the iPhone UI comes with a Home key that makes it alluring.

So if you are planning to craft a mobile app, then your mobile app must perform well under the button less UI design and other factors like Animation graphics, motion UI. Adding videos, motion and animation graphics can improve the overall mobile app UI design.

4. Dark Mode + Color Coding

Phew! The dark mode is one of the most fascinating terms in 2019, every tech blog, newsletter or latest mobile operating system news blended with the Dark Mode UI. The iOS 13 or Android 10 both OS making the buzz with the dark mode features. In WWDC 2019, Apple announces the alluring dark mode for the next iOS 13. Google I/O 2019 also claims for the best dark mode features with Force Dark Mode and System Dark Mode.

Any mobile shopping apps should design according to the business and audience, therefore, the color palette is a deciding factor. Choosing relevant colors is important, all you have to do is revere to your business category, find out competitors’ app design and then choose yours.

How To Pick The Right Color For Shopping App?

        • Review own business type & competitor app design.
        • Every business has its own color so choose yours.
        • Like Food App can choose Orange, Red, & Yellow.
        • White Space can improve UI and engage Users.
        • Try to design engaging checkout and landing pages.

You can check out the best shopping app example from dribbble for the latest mobile app UI design idea to figure out the right choice. The app UI design is the first thing in the shopping app that users notice and engage with. If you have a renowned app development partner such as Acquaint SoftTech then crafting attractive mobile app UI design is just a cakewalk for you.

5. Mobile App Development Company

Creating mobile apps for online shopping is a challenging task because of the huge rush in the same category. The app should be unique in terms of design, features, and attractive offers. To create a masterpiece you must have the master of doing this. Having a renowned mobile app development company can turn your app into profitable and productive.

How to Hire Mobile App Development Company?

        • Research about technology, process, and cost.
        • Identify the business need and project requirement.
        • Jot down the list of companies that suits your project.
        • Discuss the features, development process and time.
        • Hire renowned mobile app development company i.e. Acquaint

Acquaint SoftTech is a leading mobile app development company USA having vast experience of mobile shopping apps development. Our dedicated developers are experts in decoding complex ideas into profitable shopping apps. The advantage of working with a renowned app creation partner is the easy way of resource gathering i.e. app UI design, development, identity design, and bug fixing.

Create online shopping app

6. Easy & Robust Checkout Design

An easy & concise checkout process is the key to appeal to customers. According to the user’s perspective, they don’t like the complex checkout process and it leads bounce rate so try to cut the unwanted steps in checkout. The simple and secure checkout design always creates positive intend in the customer’s mind.

On the contrary, the secure payment method can also elevate the trust factor in the audience. All you have to do is add a secure payment method with allowing every type of payment method, so users can easily get the appropriate one.

Every new shopping app stumbles to build trust in the audience. Generally, users trust only stable online shopping apps because of the checkout process and liability. So you need to design an easy checkout with some credentials for the trust factor. Customers’ reviews and positive feedback can be helpful.

You can use some killer copywriting tactics to hit the emotional side of customers. Here are a few examples.

        • Look like you grabbed some of our most popular products, Buy it now before they sell out!
        • Your checkout info is safe with us. Checkout now with the most secure payment method.
        • This offer is not permanent, Buy it now or regret it tomorrow.
        • Instead of writing “Free Shipping” at checkout, Write “We’ll pay your shipping”.
        • “Easy Return” is so boring, Try to write something Unique “Free Exchange, so you always have the size & color you love!”

7. Killer App Promotion Tactics

The time when your app is ready to launch, this is the right time to promote it. Making an online shopping app means you’re halfway done but the main plan is to prepare for concocting app promotion on various platforms. The app promotion method decides how many users gonna engage with your app.

“If you’re not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry your competitors are already using it and are getting those customers instead.”

Jamie Turner

If your app doesn’t reach the right audience, then it would be a failure, no matter how bloated design it has. So the app promotion is always crucially important to attract audience and lead generation.

What Are The Popular App Promotion Methods?

        • App Store Optimization (ASO).
        • Social Media Marketing.
        • Content Marketing & Copywriting.
        • Referral Method, Exciting Offers.
        • Video, Text, Carousel Advertisement.

ASO is the first thing one should consider while launching an application on the app store. The secrets of App Store Optimization is to use keywords in the app title, description, and appealing screenshots implement. The essential thing of Social media marketing is to build a brand and targeted audience on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Popular Ecommerce Platforms & Framework For Shopping App

Developing online shopping apps can be fun with the right app development tools and E-commerce platforms. There are several frameworks and platform that claims for online shopping apps. Here are some of the best E-commerce frameworks for e-store development in 2019.

        • Magento E-commerce Framework.
        • Zend Framework.
        • Shopify Framework.
        • WooCommerce.
        • Symfony Framework.

All the above frameworks are open-source and widely used for shopping apps development. For creating a futuristic online shopping app, first, we need to jot down the list of top ten mobile shopping apps in 2019. Here is a concise list, we opted for you….

Best Online Shopping Apps USA

        • Amazon Shopping.
        • eBay.
        • OfferUp.
        • Google Express.
        • Target.
        • Etsy.
        • Walmart.
        • Zappos.
        • Best Buy.
        • Zara.

The above list contains the top mobile shopping app in terms of attractive and easy UI, best features, and the way of presentation. Amazon shopping app is an ideal app for every mobile shopping app. It is perfectly crafted with alluring UI and bloated features to content the users. Every newbie app owner should create their app according to the Amazon.

How To Create An App Like Amazon

          • Market Research & Ideation.
          • Resource Gathering for Tools.
          • Choose Right Platform & Features.
          • Add Robust Search & Filter Features.
          • Quick Sign-in & Easy Checkout Process.
          • Add credentials i.e. Feedback, Reviews.
          • Provide Multiple Payment Options.
          • Better Mobile App UI UX Design.
          • Give Regular Update For Latest Features.

Creating a shopping cart app for iPhone is also a challenging task. The iPhone audience is quite different from other OS audiences. They are supposed to be futuristic and techno-friendly. Every Apple product comes with an attractive design so the app should compatible with alluring UI design.

FAQs About The Create Online Mobile Shopping Apps

How much does it cost to develop a shopping app?

The cost of any application development relies on many factors i.e. features, Authentication steps, Payment method, data security, platforms and so on. The price also varies according to the development region, like US region developers charge 150$ – 160$/hour. On the contrary, Indian app developers only charge 30$ – 50$/hour. Meanwhile, the backend and QA testing also affect the overall cost of an online shopping app.

How do I create an online shopping app?

To create an online shopping app, there are two options available. One can develop an app for free with the best eCommerce app builder or hire a renowned mobile app development company as Acquaint SoftTech. Free E-commerce app builder helpful for building basic apps but they are not relevant for complex use. The way to design the best mobile shopping app is to deal with an app development partner.

How do free apps make money?

There are some methods to generate revenue from free apps. You can allow sponsored products, Text and video advertisement, Add Social Commerce platform, and enable carousel ads. Also, the app owner can create a marketplace to allow multiple sellers and makes monetize shopping apps.

Which is the best online shopping app for mobile?

Phew! It’s hard to choose the one app as the best online shopping app. Amazon shopping app is one of the best apps that contains every needed feature. But at the same time, the Amazon app doesn’t have attractive app UI compared to others. So it’s all up to users, they can rank any app as the best online shopping app.

In A Nutshell

While wrapping up this article, the process of mobile shopping apps is very much clear. We discussed every corner of this topic i.e. cost factor, top shopping apps, and frameworks. One should consider the above steps to creating mobile shopping apps. Hope this piece of content can help you.

If you are looking to create online shopping app like Amazon then we are the best source. Acquaint SoftTech is a leading mobile app development company USA having a vast portfolio. Our dedicated app developers are inquisitive as well as stubborn to create something beyond expectations.

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