Tips And Tricks To Master Android App Development


One can never master Android app development in an overnight. It takes time and continuous practice. Millions of app are out there in the app store and for the app, you developed or are about to develop, needs to extraordinary. To make it up to that level you need to brush up your skill every now and then and apply few tricks and tips to climb the ladder of success. Following are the few important things you should always keep in mind while developing an android app.

Tips Android App Development

1. Follow the latest trends

Being an Android app developer, you must remain always up-to-date about Android and its latest updates. Android keeps on releasing new features and if you are unaware and are developing something which is now of no use. It’s a total waste. So, as technology advances, you must be aware of some of the winning ideas for mobile app development.

2. Never underestimate design

Designs are the first impression. As soon a user sees your app, it should encourage him/her to pay a visit to your app and download it. For your app, to standout in the crowd, you should make an effort to build a product as visually appealing as possible.

3. Participate in communities

If you face any difficulty while creating an Android app and want an expert advice on any matter, contact a community related to you. Communities are the perfect places to learn and teach about common interests. You can even find a job opportunity or a partner to start your own project.

4. Listen to your users

The best way to earn users trust and loyalty is to lend your ears to them. By paying your attention to what they say about your app, you gain the opportunity to make some adjustments and offer them a better product. Remember: users always appreciate being heard.

5. Believe in your idea

No matter what happens, keep believing in yourself, your work, your ideas. Your app idea can sometimes be a groundbreaking one or can be the most common one, never doubt yourself. Research and determine the great things your app has to offer and think about what you are willing to invest.

6. Be your own critic

It is a good idea to believe in yourself but at the sametime, be the first one to criticize your own work. Brainstorm, why should someone install your app? This might be the most important question you need to ask yourself as an Android developer. To more your question yourself and solve issues, more productive will you become. Identifying a niche is always a good step forward towards that goal.

7. Build a portfolio

Whether you have just begin your career as an Android developer or are in the field for years, whether you’re working as a freelance or want to find a better full time job, it is crucial that you create samples of your work.

8. Understand the Android Market

As an Android developer, you must know everything and every nook and corner about Android. You should also know how Android users normally behave. It is true that Android has considerably more users than any other Operating System in the world. However they don’t pay as much as iOS users, they are more likely to download apps that follow a freemium model and top revenues comes mostly from games. Understanding all its aspects will help you in planning your app strategy.

9. Study your competition

Chances are your idea may be already out there in the market running on some smartphone. The real trick in making your app successful lies in how well you know your competitors. If your app can offer something new, different and effective thing that other similar apps don’t, this could help you put a price on your app or think about the things you should work on.

10. Test as often as you can

Never release your app without any prior testing. Also, frequent tests for each phase of your development process are necessary to make tweaks, fix possible crashes or improve UX and UI.

11. Think Big

Scalability is important for technical reasons but also for mindset reasons. Have faith and firmly believe that your app will attract numerous users. Think big to start believing in success.

12. Build a career to be one of the best

The Professional Android developer course prepares you to take the Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam. If you want to grow as a professional, What better recognition than the one coming from the company that created the product you love to use can one get? This will help you get on the top of Android Development.


Android app development is not easy but neither is it impossible. There is always something to learn and explore new. Just remember these tips and tricks nothing can stop you from developing a desirable Android app for sure.

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