Top 10 IoT and Platforms every developer must check out now


Have you heard about IoT? No, it’s not the name of some series or some organization. All developers and tech minds might be very well aware of it but, before starting with its latest trends, a small brief is no harm, right? So what is IoT?

IoT Platforms

IoT – Internet of Things is an ecosystem of a wide range of Internet-enabled physical devices.

Now you might be wondering what are the things in IoT? They are the ones that collect and exchange data. They can be anything or anyone that have an access to the internet. It could be a person with a heart monitor or any electronic appliances or devices with built-in sensors that can collect and transfer data on their own.

IoT platforms are blessings for organizations, for it increases the process efficiency, reduces cost by improving the utilization and production of assets of the company. Due to its excellent ability to track, companies can benefit from real-time insights and analytics. In short, IoT opens up a plethora of possibilities for people, businesses, and industries.

Let’s take a look at the top IoT tools and platforms:

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The reason why all developers love this IoT platform is its connectivity. It can easily connect multiple applications from home light bulbs to automobiles to turbines.

2. Microsoft Azure IoT

Having features like identity registry, device shadowing, monitoring of information and a rules engine, Microsoft Azure cloud service and Azure IoT suite can process a large amount of information in real time.

3. ThingWorx IoT Platform

This platform helps developers create and locate latest apps and solutions to keep up with the present tech world. It’s easy and great connectivity and ability to solve complexities make it the best IoT platform.

4. IBM Watson

Already a star among other platforms, this one is developers favourite because of its features like device management, data storage, safe communications, real time data service and data sensors.

5. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

Best suitable for mobile operations, this platform gives good voice & data connectivity, customization of reports and bills and SIM lifecycle management and have a nice Ip session control too.

6. Salesforce IoT Cloud

This platform is entirely dedicated to the customer service. It looks after the sales, services, marketing and can also create sales orders and even orders repairs automatically when requested. It can also communicate with the customers through text messages.

7. Carriots

A PaaS platform that gained popularity due to its simple and easy integration with other apps. Used for the machine to machine development, it is embedded with various features like device and user management, custom alarms, data export, debug and log and much more.

8. Oracle Integrated Cloud

It can brilliantly analyze big real time data, end management, device virtualization and quick messaging.

9. General Electric’s Predix

Another PaaS platform designed for particular sectors like transportation, health care, energy, and aviation that helps them in making better decisions.

10. Kaa

An open source platform with features like easy direct hardware integration is a cost and time saver.

These are the top 10 latest Internet of things in 2018. You can pick your app development platform that matches your requirement and works best for you and get your desired results in no time.