Top 10 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail, How To Avoid Them


Mobile apps are capable of doing the most task, therefore, App Store is overloaded with thousands of apps. The dependency on mobile application encourages many stakeholders to build apps. Either the new application built on the fresh idea or for the business identity. But most of the mobile apps fail due to the less concocting plan because newbie app owners are in a hurry to craft castle in the air.

Being a leading mobile app development company USA, we are acquainted with the actual reason for app failure. Most of the time clients cry over spilled milk, they often discuss the past mistakes. So we came up with this post, it will describe the top 10 reasons why mobile apps fail and how to avoid them.

“All business leaders need to be technologists, as every industry now has a Netflix or an Uber on the horizon, threatening to upend business as usual. Apps are driving this disruption, and every enterprise needs to become an app company.”

Parker Harris, co-founder of salesforce

This post addressed mistakes about app category, resources, app store optimization, freemium app, UI design, market research, testing the app, and so on. The testing and feedback on the application can convert ordinary into winsome output. Many times app owners only work on the ideas for so long but they forget to research market need.

why mobile apps fail

Top 10 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fails, How To Avoid Them

Unaware of Market Research

This is the most common mistakes of mobile app failure. Most of the times newbie app owners are in a hurry, they just want to jump on the bandwagon. The preparation before the app development is always an important factor if the ideation of the application is perfectly crafted then the output gonna definitely attract the users.

“As with anything we do as entrepreneurs, researching how our businesses impact and influence our customers and our markets – and our world – is critical to building something of value as a business”

Michael Gerber

Market research simply means identify the app need and targeting audience, this is a basic strategy but most of the app owners are unaware of market research. Not doing a need analysis while crafting the dream application can ruin your dream. The research about the need for another application and right app category can save your bucks of money.

You have a dream idea and want to formulate it into the application. It’s not the right way to put your money and time without doing proper market research. Actually, most of the mobile app fail because there are already several apps that are productive and famous. So instead of wasting time, it’s good to work on the right idea with the right resources.

Identify the target audience, build an app according to their needs and give some personalized features. If an application is already working on your idea, then you can cater some extra(better) features to compete in the app store. This strategy also helps in appeal to the users for some USP. If you need attention from the customer, you have to present unique.

The successful or viral apps always have a roadmap to reach the destiny. It seems like there is a luck factor behind every viral app but every popular app follows a process intentionally or unwittingly. It’s good to late than never so try to give time on research for app demands, identify the target audience, and so on.

Improper Ideation

Having a winsome idea not always produce a winsome output, therefore, proper ideation is a must. Most of the startups fail due to the improper baby born ideas same goes with the application. Improper ideation always causes the failure of bloated apps no matter how attractive the app was.

Every successful app once a half baked idea, then it was narrated in the right phenomena. If you noticed, apps which are willing to resolve the issues are always popular. In short, try to find a relevant problem that your future app audience facing for. If your app can resolve any issues then users will love to stay loyal with your application.

Identifying the ideas and it’s demand always helpful. Research on Google to test your idea, find out the competition in your app category. You have to decide the right app category for a better result. To sustain in the crowded app store, you have to give better services and likable application.

It must sharpen your weapon before going to the war, similar to app creation. To nourish your dream app ideas, keep asking yourself the “WH” queries. Questions like why people will download your app, what will be the basic features in your dream app and so on. There are two major reasons for app creation, creating a business app or crafting new ideas into the app to resolve any issue.

Creating A Bloated Application

This is not a mistake, this is a crime to ruin the dream. It is quite usual that making a premium application with many awesome features is a dream, but it can be complex to work on it. Newbie app owners are lost in thought while crafting a bloated application so they keep adding many features.

Don’t confuse words, adding the latest features in the app is not a mistake, but constantly doing this for needless features is inappropriate. It exceeds the app development time and cost, many time app owners keep demands for the unusual features that take time to develop but makes no sense in output.

“Without requirements or design, programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file.”

Louis Srygley

One more reason is the free elements, the internet is full of free jargon such as free themes, app builders, plugins that encourage many non-coder to build an app without having coding knowledge. While each requires element is easily available and free so app owners keep experiments with unusual features. It causes overloaded features with the complex app in output.

Adding dozens of features also increase the application size. Most of the mobile app fail due to their large size, app size with below 10 MB get more downloads on app store compared to heavy size app. So try to build your app under expert developers or hire a renowned mobile application development company i.e. Acquaint SoftTech.

Having too many features makes the application slower and increase its load time. Meanwhile, try to add only those features which are necessary for the basic version and introduce rest features in the updated version. As you come up with the updated version, your users will love to know that app is in the active mode and users keep waiting for the next update.

Forget The Vision & Audience

It worst feeling when your app compatible with attractive design, bloated features, but still stumbles to get ample downloads. The reason might be the wrong audience. It must identify the apt audience, otherwise, shooting in the dark night can worthless. If one keeps working or marketing for the wrong audience then how they accept this application.

Let assume, if you want to create a shopping app especially for the women but while marketing the application you are targeting the men or added features for the men. Imagine what will be the future of that application. In concise, first, identify the right audience then try to stay on the audience and keep crafting features according to your relevant audience.

Most of the times app owners and developers forget what their requirement and vision for the app at the initial stage. They completely mislead the from the vision while experimenting on the new features and design. To avoid this mistake, try to keep asking yourself why I choose to design this app, how I can do better with resources and all why queries.

Meanwhile, every famous app always designed according to the relevant audience, the features are personalized according to user interest. That’s why apps got an instant hit on the app store. Because the app hits the right issues and willing to resolve them. Identifying the relevant users always helps in curating the winning feature and user-friendly UI.

Not Familiar With ASO

If you fix or avoid all of the above mistakes but still your app stumbles on the app store, then you should try ASO techniques. Many newbie app owners are not familiar with the ASO, that could be one more reason for app failures. ASO is an acronym for the App Store Optimization that is used for improving the app rank in the app store.

“If you’re not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry your competitors are already using it and are getting those customers instead.”

Jamie Turner

Every digital nomad surely acquainted about the SEO, that is used to optimize a web page rank on the search engine. ASO does the same as SEO, but for the application. ASO can be a deciding factor about numbers of app downloads. Every app owners should know at least the basics of ASO because it can elevate any app rank to the closer.

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Being a renowned mobile app development services provider in the USA, our development team always takes a charge while any application needs to resolve any issues. On behalf of our experience, we can suggest some basic tips for ASO.

  • Try to add a catchy Keyword in the Title.
  • App Description must contain Keywords.
  • Use attractive & appealing Screenshots.
  • Insert informative Video in the screenshots.
  • Identify the Audience by App Store analytic.
  • Insist and encourage users for positive reviews.
  • Try to design a brand identity for App(Icon, Color).

Boring & Complex User Interface

User Interface is the only things that decide how long your users will be glued with the application. Creating better UI is important but ignored by most of the app owners, so keep the focus on attractive & user-friendly UI. One can attract customers by marketing and killer ASO but if the UI can’t feed your audience then it will be worthless.

Let give an answer to a question, what will the first thing you noticed when downloading a new app, a rich content, features or attractive UI/UX. Hmm! You guess it right, UI/UX is responsible for a very first impression for any application. A better User Interface can become a USP for apps.

You can try prototyping and wireframe for the better result-driven output. So put all your priority on the board and start creating a prototype for dream application. Actually, the prototype is the best way to identify the actual output. Wireframing used for organizing any app features and it’s UI. So keep the focus on these two methods.

Try to create an attractive intro(Home page), otherwise, users uninstall your app without having a second thought. You can take help from the latest app design tool like Sketch for better output. App UI should be created according to all size of smartphones. To make it more astonishing, you can add extra features like Gesture to engage the users.

Not For All Size

This could be the biggest mistakes by a developer or app owners for ignoring the screen sizes. Nowadays smartphones updating with their latest features and screen sizes, so whatever you want to create related to smartphones, must feed all screen sizes. The latest version is foldable phones, thus, your dream app should be compatible with the latest screen size.

Latest iOS 13 and Android Q also compatible with the foldable phones, it shows if one wants to sustain in the market must be updated. So keep researching about future technologies and try to jot them down for implementing all. In concise, the app should fit in all mobile screen sizes so let it be marching with the trends.

While we are saying “Every App should fit in all smartphones screen sizes” that simply means the UI & UX. Every mobile winsome application curated follows the best UI/UX design principles. So keep the focus on crafting best in class UI/UX to appeal, engage, and attract the users.

Just Another Mobile Application

Creating a dream application always fascinating but crafting a unique one is tough. Most of the time app owners strive to cater any USP for application but the output comes the same. It’s a bitter truth that there is a sea of applications and you must be unique to found easily. For making a viral application, your app should cater any different features that others don’t.

We all are acquainted about the rush in app development, everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon so as a result, app store packed thousands of apps. Every app category overloaded with countless applications, thus, to sustain in the cut-throat competition your app has to serve something unique or in a better way.

App category is the most important things so do proper research for choosing the right category. According to Statista, Most popular Apple app store category(till May 2019) is the Game (24.8%), the second most popular category is Business (9.77%) and the third rank sustain by Education (8.5%). Music, food and shopping category shares below 3% each on Apple app store.

The uniqueness stands out your app but it also helps in attracting more users in a genuine way. Try to highlight your best features so users can understand why you are unique. You can cater easily to use UI, or craft attractive content to nourish your features. The best practice is to create an app that resolves any problem with your targeted audiences.

Bug-Fixing is Time Consuming

Well, this is a contradiction that QA testing of mobile application can exceed the development time. Actually, most of the startups or individual have a fixed budget for app creation and they do not want to invest in bug fixing. Paying zero attention to the QA testing may cause your application failure.

Let’s assume, somehow your application successful or hits on the app store but if the application has bugs then users will surely uninstall the application, without any second thought. So in concise, launching an application without QA testing can cause a negative impact on the user.

At Acquaint SoftTech, we are always testing the application in all possible manners. Our QA testing team strives to fix all bugs for making a producing application. If you are still lost in the thought or confused test your dream just for extra development cost or time, then it’s a higher chance that your app will stumble on the app store.

Pro Tip – You can also get feedback from the audience before launching the application. Circulate your demo app in your circle and insist on your colleagues for feedback and reviews. This is the most underrated but effective way to create a bug-free and lovable application.

Hiring UnFit Mobile App Development Company

If you want to taste a delicious dinner then you have to choose restaurants wisely, otherwise, it will gonna worthless. Same goes with app creation, if you want to develop a winsome mobile application then you must hire a renowned mobile app development company such as Acquaint SoftTech.

Most of the times stakeholders made a mistake of relying completely on the Google result. They simply search “Hire Mobile App Development Company USA” and choose one option from the Google first page. Actually, Google only shows the relevant results, not the correct one. So take your time to research for a suitable app development partner.

For hunting apt mobile app development company USA you have to follow a process. A process that includes research about relevant technology, examine portfolios, clients reviews, discuss requirements, deadline, and a lot more. It is good to take time and research well rather than landing on the wrong place.

To ease this process, we have a solution. Acquaint SoftTech is a leading mobile application development company USA with having the trust of 500+ projects. Our creative app developers are the most prized assets of our company, they have ample knowledge of decoding your complex ideas into masterpiece output. So instead of wasting time on searching, just discuss your ideas with our experts.

successful mobile application

How To Create Successful Mobile Application

If your business doesn’t have the mobile application yet, then you might be missing out on a lot more than what you can imagine. If you are thinking to create an attractive one, then do follow the points that we jot down below.

  • Having a great idea is not important, planning makes Impact.
  • Do proper market research over your dream idea before working on it.
  • An app which resolves issues and make life easier will always succeed.
  • Try to launch your app with least(basic) features and introduced rest in the update.
  • Invest your time in bringing quality resources like latest tools and app platform.
  • Choose app category wisely, you can market research about the same.
  • Always hire a renowned mobile app development company such as Acquaint.
  • Take the QA testing very seriously, otherwise, coding is just the art of adding bugs.

In A Nutshell

We discussed why most of the application fails and tips on how to avoid those mistakes. This article recites the importance of market research, proper ideation, bug fixing, and above all process of hiring suitable mobile app development company. The UX/UX also a deciding factor in the success of any apps. In concise, create an attractive mobile application that can resolve problems of targeting the audience.

Hiring any mobile application development company doesn’t mean you’re done. It takes two to tango, app owner also has to inject their vision and suggestion in the app. So keep in contact with developers during the app development process to narrate your requirements. Having a mobile application in play or app store doesn’t make any sense until the app not curated perfectly.

If you are looking to create a next-gen application then we are as right as rain for you. Acquaint SoftTech is a renowned mobile app development company USA, having a vast portfolio that vouches for excellence. Feel free to discuss your dream idea with our experts. Drop the requirement at [email protected] or call at +1 773 377 6499. Keep SHARING this piece of content with your bestie.