What Is Google Express, App Review, Rebrand As Google Shopping!


Online shopping provides the easiest and reliable way of shopping experience. In the initial days of online shopping, Users facing many issues regarding the online payment, delay shipping, return policy and so on, the trust factor is one of the biggest issues. Now some of the most trusted suppliers jump on the bandwagon and cater to online shopping so this model gains the trust. The popular online market leader is Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Flipkart. Now the Google is also marching with the trends and ready to serve in the online shopping industry. So in this particular post, we are explaining what is Google Express, App review also talks about the rumour of rebranding Google Express as Google Shopping.

What Is Google Express And Why Google Launched It?

Google recently introduced the brand new Google Express platform for online shopping. As every Google product have some uniqueness with simplicity and Google also retain the same feature with the Google Express. Google provides the easy to use User Interface in its website and application. Users loved the UI/UX design of the Google Express App just because it caters easy to use and less complexion. Basically, Google Express is a mediator or we can say delivery services provider where users can shop from top brand like Target, Costco, Walmart, PetSmart, and so on. Users can shop through the Google Express App or official website.

Google Express Review: Website & Google Express App

As it is very clear that Google Express launched it’s the application so users can do shopping from app or website. Google provides the easy to use User Interface in its website and application. Users loved the UI & UX of the Google Express App just because it caters easy to use and less complexion. For the Google Express review, we are explaining step by step. We will cover the Home page look, UI/UX, shopping experience and Shopping Cart checkout process.

Google Express Home Page:

Google Shopping

On the very first impression, the Home page looks very neat & clear, it seems easy to use UI and UX. The similarity of almost every Google product is better to use of White Space and less complexity in design, Google Express caters the same simplicity in design and use white spaces for better UI and UX. In the Header, there are 2 images that appealing enough for users to make shopping. Besides of attractive header, there is 3 highlighted feature of Google Express that recites the USP for the services like Many stores, one fast checkout, free delivery and no memberships, no annual fees just fast shopping.

Google Express allows users to shop by departments, category, and shop by stores that offer easy user experience for fast shopping and fast search. Express offer free delivery on orders above the relevant store minimum, so free delivery depends upon the appropriate store, not on the Google Express.

Google Express Shopping Experience:

Google Express offers an impressive shopping experience with easy features like category, Store, and filter option. As seen on the screenshots, Google Express give coupon on the first order, it is an old school technique for encouraging the visitors for shopping first time. In the Electronic category, they have Computers, Tables, Cameras, TVs, Audio, Office Electronics and so on.

Google Express

Google Express Checkout

Google Express Easy Checkout:

Google Express offers the easiest checkout compare to other popular players of this industry like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. The best thing about checkout is less step and more payment methods. As we know most of the visitors are going back to another result just by seeing the complexity at the checkout process. To grab the attention from the visitors and convert them as a customer, every shopping website should work on their checkout process. It should be easy, less step in the checkout process and above all alow every payment method like the Google express does.

So in the concise result of the review, Google Express has good UI/UX, better Home page & shopping experience and checkout process is closer to the best. If all things are premium and better then why it is not able to compete with the popular brand like Amazon. Actually Google Express has some limitations and these are listed below.

Google Express Limitation & Why Amazon Is A Tough Competitor:

Coins have the two sides and similar to Google Express, It has some limitations. The main disadvantage is the region, Amazon is a global shopping platform while Google Express is limit its boundary by serving only in selected points of the USA. Another issue is the limited seller, users are bound to shop from the selected seller or store, on the other hand, Amazon has thousands of listed sellers so users can enjoy the variety of being boundless choices.

  • Google Express only serve in the USA while Amazon serves globally.
  • Selected seller or store on Google Express, That’s why it has less audience.
  • Amazon has own product & services like Prime, Cloudtail, Google Express doesn’t.
  • Amazon Prime member gets guarantee 2 hours – 2 days delivery, Express doesn’t.

Which Stores Can Users Shop From?

As mention earlier, Google Express is a marketplace platform which connects buyers to the selected sellers. It provides a B2C program for almost 50+ merchants of local and nationwide retailers. Google Express has some top retailers like Walmart, Walgreen, Target, Costco, PetSmart and Fry electronics overstock (for online discount).  Other local merchants are Tennessee, Kohl’s, Road Runner Sports, Sur La Table, L’Occitane, Guitar Center and Payless ShoeSource.

As of now Google Express only serve in the selected areas of the USA but to compete with the popular shopping marketplace like Amazon and eBay, Google Express planning for the expend its reach to the every metro area in the USA. Brian Elliot leader of Google Express, claims that the service covers more than 90 percent of the U.S. population. Recently this service includes Chicago, Boston and Washington.

Some Popular Stores On The Google Express

Google Express WalMart

WalMart is the USA based chain of retail stores as HyperMarkets and Discount stores. It is also available on the Google Express and it is the major suppliers for goods from the Express. According to the latest news, WalMart products are no longer on the Google Express, Google confirmed this news from their Twitter handle.

Google Express Costco

Costco is a grocery store for Household, Bath, and Pantry based in the USA. As users have to choose Costco membership program to shop from the Costco but with Google Express rejected the membership options. On the initial days of Google Express, users have to pay for membership first but now Express declined all the membership to shop from the individual store. After 2017, users only paid for the annual membership if they want otherwise, they directly pay what they buy.

Google Express Target

Target offers the grocery related to the Home, furniture, cleaning, electronics, and clothing. It is one of the most popular retailers in the USA as the ranked 8th largest retailer in the USA. Google Express allows Target customer to link the account on express, Users get the recommendation of purchase, special discount on Target product, and quick access for the reorder items.

Google Express Planning To Rebrand As Google Shopping!

Google Express is very much popular in the USA but still, Google faces uncertainty towards best services and hard competition with top players of the online industry. Google Express could not able to compete with Amazon, because Google Express is bounded with some limitation. Google Express doesn’t change too much in the past several years that’s why rumours bubbling in users mind about the rebranding of Google Express. According to recent reports, Google wants to rebrand it’s Express because the name Google Express sounds like a courier services or product delivery services provider company.

Actually Google Express does the same, it is a mediator platform where top stores are available and users can buy products, Google Express only ship those products. So this time Google Express may be rename or rebrand as Google Shopping. Now the concern is all about Google Shopping because it is already a service by Google, in that service Google conclude the product from the different websites by organic Google search result. So it is not clear that Google Express will merge with Google Shopping or Google create a new brand. Right now Google Express works with top delivery services providers like FedEx, OnTrac, UPS, Lasership, and Dynamax.

In A Nutshell

As we talk about every aspect of the Google Express and at the wrapping time we can say that Google Express need to expand their services. If Express want to compete with the Amazon then Google has to work on the fastest delivery, promote more sellers, serve in the more region and above all work as a seller, not a mediator. As a leading Mobile application development company USA, Acquaint SoftTech is always concern about Google products and news related to the U.S. It’s very fascinating to see how Google Express may be rebranded as Google Shopping. If it’s happened in this year or next year then probably things get better for Express. If you found something amusing in this post, then do SHARE this piece of content with your bestie.