Yeeaah! Acquaintians Celebrate The Yummiest Saturday Ever!


A working Saturday is the hardest one in the whole week. Every digital nomad should concordant on a point that it’s a tiresome feeling throughout the working Saturday. But… At Acquaint SoftTech, there is nothing to call boring, even Saturdays are interested one.

On the 27 July, It was a working Saturday for us, therefore, all the Acquaintians were striving to focus on works but the weekend’s fever starts buzzing in mind. The tired faces and dull arms were the omens of laziness. But our super active HR, Madhuri Patel always has a bag of tricks to kill the boredom and feed the spark in the mood.

Yummiest Saturday Ever

A Surprise Cooking Competition With Half Baked Ideas

It’s not the first time while fun activity announced in our office. Actually, we are used to with fun brimming activities on weekends but that one was completely different. To kill the boredom, Acquaint team decided to curate a cooking competition to bring a new taste in our working style. HR team announced for the cooking competition with a list of four teams. (whoa! A chilling sound)

All the team started bubbling with half baked ideas in the minds. The concocting plan for making a tasty treat and making the day more flourish was the best of both worlds. As the competition relies on cooking a delicious recipe, therefore, every team wants to bring more girls to their sides. But… The HR team had a crazy surprise to make that activity more interesting and more remarkable.

Oops! Only Boys Gonna Cooked The Party

Everybody lost in the thoughts & giggling around the activity areas while we heard “Only Boys can participate in the competition”. The happy faces turned into the question marks, All the boys in the office looked at each other’s faces with suspicion smiles. It was a challenge for every boy to proves something beyond their skills.

At Acquaint SoftTech, our developers have ample experience to decode complex ideas into masterpiece web appearance, but cooking is not a cakewalk for the development team. Boys roll up the sleeves and took this competition as a challenge. Every confused face starts whispering about who will cook the first, what to cook.

Boys Rolled Up Their Sleeves For The Competition

As per the four teams, we took the position to make something unplanned but delicious. Our creative nerds which are expert in brainstorming on code took a lot of time to decide what to cook. After a concise discussion, Four teams decided to come up with their yummy ideas, i.e. Bread Cake, Kheer, Sev Puri, and Laddu.

Bread Cake

Bread Cake always formed in a delicious one, the way the first team baked the cake and decorated it with little choco nuts was appreciable. It is amazing to see all the team involved in the competition and strives to add some extra taste. All in all, The bread cake looks so awesome and rich in taste.

yummy Kheer

The second team decided to cook Kheer and they vouch for their decision with the tasty and yummy Kheer. The team added some extra ingredients to make it more palatable. Everybody just smells the aroma and sweetness of the Kheer.

spicy Sev Puri

The third team tried something spicy as Sev Puri. It looks easy to concocting sources for the Sev Puri but it turned out into the toughest dish in terms of finishing. It must include the Indian taste in spicy dishes and boys baked perfectly. The eye-catching presentation elevates the beauty of the Sev Puri.


Last but not least, the fourth team elevate this competition on the next level. They decide to make Laddu, thus, the whole team tried hard to be in the correct shape. The Laddu ideas can be worse but the team made it winsome by their cooking hands. The presentation was just alluring and jaw-dropping for Laddu.

“Phew! What a Saturday! I was amazed by the striving efforts of the teams because every dish looked awesome and super delicious in taste. Proud to have a family like Acquaint. Baking a special dish is something closer to crafting a productive mobile application, every ingredient must be balanced perfectly, otherwise, it can spoil its look and feel.”

Mukesh Ram, CEO

Should Aroma The Only Things To Consider?

As mentioned earlier, All the girls along with the HR team in the Jury team. They had to decide who will be the best hand on cook with keyboards. So they start smelling each dishes and identify the presentation. The recipe always made to feed the audience, so the aroma and visual effects were the deciding factors.

“In my opinion, A good cooking recipe always brings balance ingredients but a winsome dish must include a good presentation with the engaging smell. So the aroma is the first thing I notice. But many times the taste would be diagonally opposite to the emotions it evoked. To be honest all the dishes had delicious in taste and look alluring also.”

Madhuri Patel, Head of HR Department

So the evaluation started and everybody feeling like Master Chief showcasing their most famous dish for the season. The visualization is the most important in preparing a remarkable dish, and Acquaintians crafted it perfectly. All the dishes surprisingly looked awesome. Gautam was as nutty as a fruit cake that day, he was helping each team for the needy ingredients.

Not A Piece of Cake To Decide The Winner

life at Acquaint

At the beginning of the cooking competition, it seems very easy to decide the winner because nobody could imagine that boys can cook so well (even boys were not confident). Therefore, the decision for the winning team turned out to be very tough for the judges. It’s not a piece of cake to announced a single team as the winner, because all four teams treated themselves perfectly.

Ahem… Ahem! It’s time to decide the winning team, the judges stand out with a creepy note. The jury team decided not to choose a single winner because they loved the way all the team member helping each other. The way all Acquaintians feed the creativity in the baking task, the way all strives to cook something beyond their skills was just winsome.

Meanwhile, everybody was the winner so clapping started for the efforts. This is how we celebrated the yummiest Saturday ever. All the member cherished each other and sharing the dishes. The best part of the activity was the memories we create as family, pulling each other leg made the day more memorable.

Sometimes, too many cooks spoil the broth, but as we are a family at Acquaint so the dishes turned out delicious. At Acquaint SoftTech, our team is creative as well as stubborn to craft a masterpiece output in any condition. Click to know more about how our life at Acquaint SoftTech is.