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    We love clay! It is so interesting, as you can make anything out of it, shape it and mold it the way you want. We like to do the same with the websites. We develop it dearly, twist, tune and turn it into a perfection.


    We love art! Being a bunch of artistic heads, no website can escape from our creativity. We catch hold of it and leave not until it becomes a masterpiece. We imagine together and paint a brand new website everyday.


    We love mind games! Before starting off with any project, we put it under a microscope and take a long hard look at it first and come with a game plan and then play around. The end result is, a rewarding website!

Hang on to the words of our clients

" We have been so impressed with them that it's now developed into a 3-year-old relationship and it's still going strong. "


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" I highly recommend their services. Highly efficient, affordable, always make deadlines, very good communication. "

Chad Nellis

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" They have been excellent with their customer service, they are quick to get all our projects done quickly "

Tom Kelly

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Your Web Partner For Life

Smart, trustworthy, ambitious, responsible, open-minded, who won't love to marry such a partner, right? When you give the hand of your business to us, we give you our full commitment. These are not just flattery adjectives, we do exist and our work is the proof of this.

Slurping over 1000's of coffee, Acquaint Softtech has proven its eligibility in the global market by delivering 500+ projects and is still counting. Wondering what made us so eligible?

    Its our unparalleled expertise in giving:

  • Unique web identity
  • Smart and creative designs
  • Productive mobile applications
  • Security and privacy protection
  • L1, L2 and L3 support